Saturday, August 30, 2008

What a pick!

OK, political once again. Sorry guys, but the GOP VP choice baffles me. Well, actually, it makes a lot of sense when you think about all the emotional investment the groups that she will attract have in their causes. Let's see:

  1. Women who want a woman in office, no matter what her qualifications (or lack thereof) are
  2. Pro-life Groups
  3. Oil interests (her husband works for BP)
  4. Parents of children with special needs
I'm forgetting a few here, but come on. She has less experience and fewer qualifications than either Obama or Biden, and seems like a pandering desperation choice. And then there's this, which makes a sad situation even sadder. Stupid politics. Sorry to rant, I just needed to get that out.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Just so you know:

Cloverfield is a very nice monster movie.

Red wine + anti-inflammatory meds + heating pad = happy pain free me

I'm about to enjoy one or both of the internets comedic potential.


Up yours, last week of August!

Thanks for all the sympathy for little E! She's doing a little better each day, but I just had to hold her down to get her to take a nap again. Stubborn child, that one. It's nice to be slowly gaining my little girl back, though, so I'm just keeping eyes on the prize here. That goes for the day care, too. Everyone I know has had the week from hell. Mine culminated this morning with one of those pinched nerves that comes from breathing. I have no idea what I did, but COME ON! Back pain was not what I had in mind for today. Eh, it just means I'll be taking it extra easy tonight, which was the plan anyway, so no big deal. You know, except the ouch factor. Drugs and alcohol will fix that right up, especially combined with a nice lavender bath. Mmmm. And Brownies. Everyone thank Hollylynne and this post for expanding my ass, ok? Let's hope the 30 Day Shred gets here soon.

OK, I have to tell you. John and I watched the last 20 ish minutes of Obama's speech live on the web last night. We don't have cable, literally do not watch TV (DVDs and that's it!) but my sorry ass still had no idea that you could get live feeds like this. If not for the pity of friends and family I'd be all impressed with that new fangled typewriter John has to use at work. I'm not a techno phobe, it's more like I'm techno apathetic. What I have works. More information would just push other things out of my tiny head, like how to brush my teeth or wipe my own ass. I can't afford to lose that info!

Anyway, Obama. There were many, many parts of his speech that made me want to make out with him. Now, I'm a starry-eyed ultra liberal vegan who believes in equality regardless of whatever, and I know that I'm WAAAY out of mainstream America. (See TV: not watching; meat: not eating; stuff: not buying; chemicals: avoid using; etc et al ad nauseum.) So there were a few parts of the speech that felt less than authentic; obvious nods to the less liberal and politcally necessary for any presidential nominee. However, those nods were gracious, and not as overt as they could have been. I will never agree 100% with anyone on anything, and that's a wonderful thing! I'm not vanilla, never will be. I like it sometimes, but I also like the spicy, diverse stuff. I sat at the computer last night with my husband, proud as hell that a man, a smart, fiery, optimistic man that had an Kenyan father and American, white mother is our nominee. I'm glad he's of "mixed race." I'm glad he had such a loving and diverse family. Most of all, I'm thrilled he's not some old, rich white dude talking about God's plan for America and Why Women and Gays are Wrong. Hell yes I'm glad he's not The Shrub. But still, I am wary.

I didn't believe Bush could get elected. Twice.

I still can't believe it. I can't believe people will believe any shit handed to them, swallow obvious lies, say thank you, and ask for more. Yet people keep doing this over and over. I worry about humanity.

When I get too worried about the idiots that are roaming freely on this planet, there is a movie I watch: "I *heart* Huckabees." I wish things could be solved as easily as they are in that movie sometimes. In less than 2 hours I can regain my perspective, laugh, and go back to my surrealist roots. If you haven't seen it, please do. And vote based on your beliefs, not rhetoric or smears or fear. I want to be hopeful about this election. I want to be optimistic, enthusiastic and all the rest. I want to believe that we can change the system, that what is broken can be fixed. Unfortunately, the "fixing" and/or the stupidity of large groups of people are the things I am most afraid of, having seem one or the other happen two times already. Economists, and I need to gather some references/sources here because I heard it on NPR, but economists have said that the most people, 80% of people, will benifit from Obama's economic plan, and that only the top 2% will benifit from McCain's plan. YET people will still believe that Obama is an elitist out to rob the American people. Because he's black. Or some other crap.

Please oh please oh please let this campaign and election be different! Honesty! Integrity! No mudslinging! Poor little starry-eyed hippie, when will you learn?

Well, done ranting. Have a lovely long weekend!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ear of DOOOOOOOM!!!!!one!!!

Yep, the ear infection is still #$%#*@& hanging around. Poor kid had to get a shot yesterday, and is on yet another round of stronger antibiotics. I held her little ass down today until she fell asleep, because she is tired on top of feeling like hell. That, and if I have another day where I spend the only quiet time I get to myself (bathroom time? Not private. It was an adjustment.) fighting with my screaming child to lay down, stop screaming, don't hit/bite/kick/scream/whatever, I may drive off and not return. (I kid! I'd come back in an hour.) She really is doing a lot better today, despite the 45 minute tantrum stemming from refusing to wash her hands after using the bathroom and deteriorating from there. John finally had to let me step in because he was going to be late for work if he didn't haul some ass. Aside from that, though, today has been better, if not perfect. Can I get an "amen?"

More good news-the classes I'm teaching are filling up fast or full! Hooray!

I'm taking the girl out for some vegan pizza tonight, and also to pick up some Camilla. It's a homeopathic treatment for teething that's basically condensed chamomile, but it works on just being angry, too. It's great for little ones who are just too upset to calm down. Well, you have to combine it with hugs and cuddles and soothing, but it helps. I thought having some around would be a good idea, given the level of chaos we've had this week.

On a sad note, I think I am killing my eucalyptus plant. I'm going to try to find a sunnier spot for it, but it's not meant for temperate zones, and moving it inside seems to have sped its decline. What the hell is fall doing showing up now? August is hot, world. Not sweater weather. Damn.

Off to pull the noodles from lunch off the ceiling again. They loved using chopsticks!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shred it like you mean it!

Pardon me if I am surly today. My child is being a complete asshole right now, and the only good part of that statement is that not enough people read this blog to send me outraged emails or leave snide, opinionated comments. This morning she bit a girl through her shirt, hard enough to draw blood. She's pushed, she's hit, she's fought and screamed and whined and taken toys and more. She's going to the doctor today to see if the smoldering ear infection finally went away, and I find myself in the very odd position of both hoping that said infection is gone while simultaneously hoping she still has it, and that is the reason for this insane behavior.

If not for the Lexapro and Xanax, I think I would be in full panic attacks at this point. The boys have been screaming a lot. If I go to the bathroom they both stand outside the door and they don't just yell, they scream, they wail, they make my ears bleed through the wood. All four girls are in testing stages, and both boys have separation anxiety. This is just a stage, and it will pass. I know this, I understand this and I am waiting for this. In the mean time, however, I need to live through these lovely developmental milestones.

Luckily, John came home early to take E to the doctor, so he instantly grounded me and brought me back to center. He dealt with the tantrums from his arrival on, and he has probably favor later, of the dirty kind. I've mentioned this before, but I respect the single parent population more and more each day.

In other, less child intensive news, I have placed "30 Day Shred" at the tippy top of our Netflicks queue. It came highly recommended by Linda at Sundry Mourning (see links list!) I'd link to the damn Amazon thing, but one of the internets in our house sucks right now and won't upload the page. We've been doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds for over 5 years now, and that is the only reason my ass does not have its own zip code. But I HATE HATE HATE the damn thing now, and am looking for a workout that suits my needs:
  1. 30 minutes or under
  2. Can be done in my home
  3. Will be worth my time
From what I've read the 30 Day Shred (which I am just assuming means you will shed the weight and get toned, or that you will somehow become a talented surfer by using this DVD) seems to fit the bill. It's 20 minutes, and Linda mentioned having muscles in her arm pits. I'd settle for anything under a size 16, preferably a 12. Or, just not horking up my lunch everytime I catch an unexpected glimse of myself in a mirror, or worse, a photo. Lazy, undisciplined and enjoying food adds up to "not what I'd like to look like." Since I have very little self control, I need to work out more and/or burn less calories, because I won't be eating healthier. I refuse to give up chocolate-everthing else has already been abandoned.

And, for hooray time, tonight is craft night. I'll be going for a little bit, but mostly I want to be at home, drinking and watching a big stupid monster movie while doing laundry. Then I want to pass the fuck out into sweet oblivion and wake up knowing that there are only 2 days left until weekend. Amen, and wish me luck.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

bead show, unexpected surprises

Well, friends, the bead show was great. Even with the toddler, who behaved herself very well. There were enough people to get jostled, but not enough to send me and the E screaming out the door. There were enough vendors for us to spend most of the morning and have a good time. I think if the show had been any larger E wouldn't have made it, because she told me she was done with beads several times before we left to get lunch. Thanks goodness for Marlene and the vegan kettle corn! Both helped to keep a girl behaving.

So, the skinny: we found some spectacular stuff. Both Marlene and I succumbed to the charms of some beautiful ceramic pendants from Athens, Greece. According to the lady selling them, (Add salt now!) the pendants are HUGE!!!!1! in Europe, and she is the only importer in the U.S. I'm going to get the info from her website and add it to the Etsy info when I list whatever the hell I make. (Here's a hint: Cthulu.) There were pearls everywhere! Marlene kept picking out button pearls that were $70 and up. She has good taste, like I do. I kept picking up stones that were $30 and up per strand. There were even some I liked that went over $90, which is insane. We saw lamp work beads that were $60, $90, and $160, and everywhere in between. There was moderately and well priced stuff there as well, you just had to look around. I swear we both yelled "Squeeeee!" when we found the $3 a strand table. There was so much gorgeous stuff to look at, admire lovingly, and set back down. The only part that really astounded me was the silver, and how very bloody much it was. The prices were marked by the gram, and one 4 inch strand I picked up ended up being around $70. I couldn't find anything less expensive, so I let silver go for the day. (I don't even need real, or quality silver. I just want something silver colored to use in my stuff!) One booth had adorable lamp work beads - a frog with a silly half smile wrapped around a flowered bead. I'm going to try and get some pictures tonight so I can share the cute. Of course I bought one! HAD TO.

After the show we went out to lunch at a community Market, that had a farmer's market going on outside the building. The Market is a cool place, housing all sorts of wonderful restaurants and shops. It's a little bit of hippie heaven, or a tiny piece of what I've heard California is like. Gluten free products of all sorts, Japanese food and groceries, soy candles, organic flowers and meat, coffee coffee coffee, local ice cream (there was cayenne, chili, caramel salt, and some normal stuff, too.) and and produce, as well as french perfume and Indian incense can all be found in one building. Because she was so very, very good I bought E some sunflowers of her choosing on the way out, and Marlene and I joined forces to get her some huge blackberries. HUGE! One was as big as my thumb, no shit. She fell asleep on the way home, slept for almost three hours, and woke up happy! Whew.

Now for the surprise part: We went out to dinner Friday night at a local mexican place we love. I noticed that my food tasted a little off, but I'd had such a long and frustrating day I just let it slide. Until I got to the end of my meal and noticed all the itsy bitsy pieces of chicken on my plate. I'd been so hungry I hadn't really looked at my food until that point. The waiter was mortified right along with me, and was nice enough not to charge us for my meal.

Now, if you are a vegetarian, or you have known a vegetarian for any length of time, you have heard how eating meat again after a long period of not eating meat will make you sick. John gat a burrito from Chipotle one time that was filled with meat instead of veggies, and he barfed out of disgust. I barfed not only from disgust, but also from actual illness. I also had some other issues, ones you don't want to hear about. This lasted until Saturday evening, tapering off towards the end. When Marlene, E and I went to lunch I ate a ton and did OK until we got home, then my tummy revolted one last time. So scientific research supports the meat will make you sick if you are a vegetarian theory. Bleck. Not only did I get sick, but I felt so, well, unclean after. I have no problem with other people eating meat, that's their choice after all. But to be tricked into it! Suffice to say, I'm off mexican for a while.

On a final note, I'm happy to report my child is acting less like Linda Blair and more like my kid again. Even napping!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Calloo Calay!

If I send all the children home and no one has a broken bone, I will count today as a success. My child pinched me until I bruised, has fought EVERYTHING today, broke my necklace, hit me, screamed, woke all the other kids up, etc etc etc etc...

She's going back to the doctor. I think another ear infection might be in the works here. She didn't get any until two or three months ago, now, nothing but ear infections. We are having an "un-birthday" party day here today, and based on the behavior of all the children today, I am debating ever letting them have fun again. I also seem to have developed a sudden and infuriating case of clumsiness, which is not helping. As I wrote to a friend today, "TGI mother fucking F."

The stars must be out of alignment or something. Watch out for any Old Gods wandering about. Wait-gotta go put the kid back in her room...

She hasn't taken a nap for the past two days, and by 6pm she's a screaming, drooling, obstinate nightmare. Last night she didn't want spaghetti for dinner. This, the girl who ate 3 helpings of the same stuff for lunch because she HAD TO HAVE IT. Nope, 6 pm, hates spaghetti. I'm looking forward to what hellish scenario tonight brings. She woke up like this, fought me about her underwear, and even her christing toast this morning. Pretty soon all the kids will be walking around saying "GOD-----BLESS EVERYTHING!!!" It's all I can come up with to say that's not really bad when I'm pissed or in pain. And I say it an all caps, all the time.

Other news: I have a real bag comission for sure! I have 30 views! I am drinking tonight! I need a shower!

In non-exclamation point news: Last night E asked me to make her gorilla a shirt because he isn't dressed. He's basically a round ball with arms, so I started hand sewing a little shirt from the left over DRAGON bag fabric. I'm going to work on it this weekend, and hopefully have it finished by the time the demon leaves her body. It's going to look like a little kimono, I hope.

OOOH! And tomorrow I'm taking E to a bead trade show! (What the HELL am I thinking?!) We're meeting my crafty friend Marlene there. It should be a really fun time, as long as I can keep my sweet little one from freaking the fuck out. I really wanted to go to this, and John could use a few extra hours of alone time, so hooray! I'll give you the skinny once I get back from walking around with face paint stains and a toddler. I'm taking some cash, and giving myself a spending limit, but I think my head might explode once I get there. At least they won't have fabric. John would take my cards before I left, becuase he knows I'd wipe out our life's savings. Well, most of it, anyway.

Uck, out of her room again. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random crapdom

Right about now, my funk soul brothers, my daughter is playing the damn yellow dancing hamster that erupts into the fucking chicken dance song when you press it's little yellow paw. I am ECSTATIC about this, not only because I have a headache, but also because I lived in western Pennsylvania for a few of my formative years and it was required by state law that The Chicken Dance song must be played daily in all public places, and at least 14 times at each wedding. So you can imagine how fond I am of that particular melody. Especially in hamster form. Loud hamster form.

It's really helping my headache, too!

I finally got off my ass and got the bag measurements up, but not the jewelry lengths yet. I'm lazy. I am standing firm in the Etsy shop at 29 views for the pink and brown bag I made, and I told John that I'm going to have a celebration once I get to 30. Forget sales. Who needs sales? I'm going for views from now on. At least I won't have to figure out the USPS website. I know that sales will come, and I know that it will take some time. I'm OK with that. In the meantime I have one firm commission for a diaper bag and one maybe commission for a bag like the one on the shop. I'm also making one of the girls a bookbag for preschool, which may or may not produce money. It may be a gift. I'm OK with that, too. Right now, as long as you don't whine incessantly at me, I'm pretty much OK with whatever.

You know, this isn't a very happy post. It's actually been a good day, my child not napping aside. But my child not napping is not good for her come 6 pm, so I'm off to hepl my very wonderful, patient and loving husband. Better blog stuff later!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


John admitted last night that he was pretending I dealt a smell the last time. He admitted this because he gassed the kid and I out of the bathroom last night while we were giving her the nightly scrub down. But enough of my family's ability to produce methane. Let's talk about good smells!

Beck took me to a lovely soap store while I was in town. We went way the hell out of town to get to it, but it was worth every mile. She'd given me soap before and I have been slowly converting to the great stuff she passes along. E has a chuck of Lavender Lilac that is all hers, and she will only share it with me sometimes. I have Honeysuckle in my hemp scrub mitt in my shower, and patchouli rose by my sink. It was actually difficult for me to use the soaps because they made my towels smell so good when I was storing the soap beside them. I'll be making baskets of soap and other handmade local stuff for the holidays, and I can only hope that the recipients appreciate the soap love they are getting!

My and John's families seem to have the majority of their birthdays from November to April, with the bulk in November through the first week of January. On one hand this means we get it all out of the way at once. On the other hand, the piles of love-infused gifts threaten to over-run the house from October on. I was never the kind of person who started looking for gifts right after the holidays ended, but getting married to a Catholic family has forced my hand, and I start preparing earlier each year. If it was just a matter of shopping I might wait longer, but making the majority of the gifts means I need some extra time. This year I'm also going to buy from Etsy and check out a shop called "Vintage Green" that makes green cleaning and laundry products. I'm going to test the stuff out first, and if it works well I'll let you know.

It's tea time. I'm fighting off what I hope is not the flu one of the parents had-she horked for three days straight and had other issues both before and after. She lost five pounds, but I'd rather just keep working out, if it's all the same to the bug I have. The waves of nausea and sweat are bearable. If I'm lucky any serious illness will wait until the weekend and be gone by Sunday afternoon.

When the hell did I start hoping to be sick on the weekend? I'm officially old now.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Cheese and silence

I went off Vegan over the weekend.

Actually, if you want to be accurate, I spent large amounts of time cramming as much cheese into my face as I could, and then I chewed, swallowed, and crammed more cheese in.

My digestive system is still in shock, apparently. Last night I had to apologize to John for having dealt something which I did not smell, but he was dramatically covering his face with his shirt and making faces. Well, buster, that road goes both ways, OK? You also make unpleasant smells. And HOW.

And while yesterday went very well, today has been a cacophony of testing, whining, crying and fighting. I finally got the babies down for a nap, and the vaccuum (How the hell do you spell that? Brain isn't working) is on so that my ears can have a break from baby complaints. I am enjoying the silence. Well, the white noise, I guess. I'm hoping that the rest of the day goes better than this morning, but I'm not holding my breath on that one.

In the Wonderful News department, I figured out how to get the thumbnail thing for Etsy up on this here blog. It wasn't hard, but getting the 5 minutes it took to do it was nearly impossible. Believe it or not, I write my entries here in one to two minute spurts in the morning, then post as I am able. At night I can get it done in a chunk, but that's at night. I feel a time restructuring coming on, as well as a furniture one. Something gotta give, and I'd prefer it not be my brain.

I had so much to say, and now I've forgotten it all. AH! OK, Viking's Blod is a mead type alcohol. The character I'm in love with in the George R. R. Martin series is the ugly dwarf, not the handsome guys. I loves me some smartass. Check out Cinematic Titanic, link coming soon! And please, go sit somewhere quiet for me today. Imma be deaf by six o'clock, I guaruntee.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend rocks, now back to it.

The weekend, as the title suggests, rocked. I only sold one bracelet at the craft show, but it was my first craft show, and I sold something. Beck did pretty well with her headbands, and we handed out a lot of cards again, so hopefully people will be flocking to the website en-mass. We had a great time, lots of delicious food and drink, and great things to smell. (Soaps. I have nothing funny to say about it, either.)

My wonderful, smart, savvy and witty friend was also nice enough to photograph the jewelry I've made and start posting it on the Etsy shop. One of the bags is up, too, with more to come. We had some friends over for dinner last night, and one may be interested in commissioning a bag, and one of my parents bought a bracelet this morning. I just got a call from the local art center that I'll be teaching at, and one of my classes is full (they called to ask my if they could up the max by one; I said "yes!") and the other is filling. I've got a nice, new, excellent batch of henna made and tested, and tonight is library night. Everything is coming up Milhouse!

Well, everything but the book I'm reading. I don't want to spoil it for my friend, mentioned above, but some serious shit has just happened in the George R. R. Martin book I'm reading, and I'm very upset about it. Does it make me the biggest geek ever that not only do I:
  • have a crush on one of the characters
  • dream about this character
  • think about this character constantly
but I also am honestly upset by what has just happened in the book, not even regarding the character in question? Oh, what a dork am I! I called John after two consecutive chapters to weep and rend my clothing.

I'm hoping to get some upkeep done tonight, both on this site and on the Etsy one. Laundry, as ever, needs done (day care = laundry hell) and I'm sure there's about a million other things that need attended to that I'm forgetting. Don't care! I have great smelling honeysuckle soap in my shower, Viking's Blod to drink tonight, and I'm going to start on the ass-load of fall/winter birthday and holiday gifts that need made. I WILL do and entirely handmade gift giving season this year! Amen Etsy.

Now, off to wrangle the waking wees. Hope you had a great weekend, too!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poems, realizations and force

Every night at bedtime we read our girl poems. There may or may not be a story, but there are almost always poems. She especially enjoys Edward Lear, and a poem called "Five Chants" by I don't remember right now. So after stories and poems last night I wrote one just for her:

"There is a little girl that I love best
And every morning she fights getting dressed
But in the end she wears her clothes
And I leave kisses on her nose."
(Kiss small, cute nose 3 times)

Hearing the poem again this morning circumvented the getting dressed fight, which was a nice change of pace. I love that our girl loves poetry so much. Poetry is armor, and it protects you with the commonality of human experience.

OK, I'm done now.

My friend emailed a link to her photo bucket this morning, so that we could all look at pics from last week's craft night. I've never liked seeing pictures of myself, but lately I've been pushing towards the unhappy end of my scale. The other day it read 186, and that shows in the pictures Traci posted. Which means that I do not look like what I want to look like, nor do I fit into clothes as well as I'd like. One big problem is that I'm tired at the end of the day. Another is that I detest Leslie Sansone, and would rather eat my own vomit that go through her workout DVD one more time. I am the least self disciplined person I know, and this is just one more example. So, having seen the pictures and being unable to un-see them, I am forced to try to reduce my girth and weight through drastic means. I need to start working out, and hard. The goal is 20 pounds for now, seeing as how we might start trying for another kiddie again soon, I'm not sure how realistic the weight loss goal is. But I will, by god, get into better shape. One I can see in a picture that doesn't make me automatically think of a beached whale. Yay Goals!

OK-laundry time. The dude is coming to fix our dryer today, so I need to relocate mountain o' dirty clothes. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the HOA would let us have a clothes line. I don't like the HOA.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Grey and cool

It's been cooling off little by little over the past few days, which has been a nice change from the over 90 degree and sweltering weather we've been having. Today dawned cool and grey, (I use the British spelling, thank you European encyclopedias I grew up with) and we may get some badly needed rain before the dusk.

I was a busy lady over the weekend-bringing in and organizing new art supplies for the kiddies, cleaning and sorting and purging unneeded clutter, doing laundry and straightening rooms. I finally removed the last diapers and wipes from E's old room yesterday. She has grown so big in the last two weeks, despite a "smoldering" ear infection and thus the apparent demon possession yet again. This may be the same ear infection as last time, or a new one, but it's not full blown, just enough for her to get really cranky sometimes. She's on a new and stronger antibiotic and will go back in two weeks so we can make sure it's gone this time. Poor kiddo.

I also worked on the "big ass bag" as John has been calling it. It's a market tote, or just a super cool huge bag. The fabric is a gorgeous Japanese dragon, and it's lined with a matching orange, has a large and small pocket, the shell is completely interfaced and boy oh boy, this bag is huge. I used almost a whole yard of fabric for both the lining and the shell. After this I'm going to whip out some bookmarks-small things to balance the big one.

Another weekend project completed and ready for this craft show Friday is Henna. I bought new bottles and applicators, tested the recipe and powder, and am ready to decorate some skin. My left hand is covered, but the first batch of henna I used was a little old and didn't darken as well as I'd hoped. It was also pretty lumpy, and therefore cloggy, so I'm going to sift and sort this next batch. I'll test it tomorrow, and post a pic if it turns out OK.

Last week at craft night it was a learning extravaganza. Marlene taught me how to mix and use resin; Traci gave us a sculpey intro and showed us how to make bows using strips of old magazines and brads; I think there was more but my brain is shot right now. It was so much fun, as always! Kim has been designing scrap books and pages, and she made a really cute one with her son eating corn. He has all of 6 teeth, and he looked very satisfied and proud in the photos. (I would have been, too. 6 teeth!) The sculpey help was wonderful, so Saturday I went out and bought a few tools and a mold so that I can make faces to sew onto bags, etc. At this point, however, I am putting a halt to learning any new crafts for awhile. I need to concentrate on using the fabric I have.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Ah ha moments

Aside from the behavior/sleep issues of the kids yesterday, I figured out why it seemed like Hell was opening its jaws at me. A certain visitor came this morning, and let's just say that I hope the vicodin works as well for cramps as it does for the boob pain. Also, one of the kid's parents arranged to drop him off at 6:30 this morning, so it might be a long day. Come on vicodin!

I have declared to John that I MUST get some sewing done this weekend. I need to top sew some headbands Beck left here, and make some bags for the shop and the craft show we'll be at next Friday. Beck herself will be at the show today, so think prosperous thoughts at her, OK? It's her first time. I have been told that I don't really need to top stitch those headbands, due to the huge quantity already made, but I'm going to try one more time. If the top stitching needs ripped out AGAIN I'm going to take them back to my dear friend and swear my fealty-my ability to sew in a straight line when it counts is apparently nil. Hey, we all have strengths, right? Mine just happens to be something other than sewing straight lines on headbands. I'm really looking forward to making some more bags, though. I don't use a pattern, and I feel like I'm a super genius when I end up with something that will hold keys. My goals aren't lofty.

Well, the day awaits. I hope you have a great weekend, and I hope I get stuff listed in the shop while you are having your great weekend.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick bitch

My day started out so well.

We were going to have a pool party. I made a picnic lunch, scrubbed and bleached the pools this morning, and filled them up so they would be warm-ish for the kids. I had tattoos, lollipops and music. I had snacks and toys and sunshine. Everything should have been roses.

One kid started screaming, a baby. The other baby started in, too. This happened as soon as we walked outside. I know they're both teething, but for fuck's sake, I'm only human. I can't take hours of screaming on end. They had dry diapers, oragel, ibuprofen, hugs, cuddles, food; the works. They were still screaming. Then another kid shit in the pool. Then we had lunch, and went inside for a nap. NO ONE IS SLEEPING. It's been 2 hours, and despite the vacuum I'm running, they still keep waking each other up.

I'm done. We're inside for the rest of the day. They can paint or scream or whatever, at least the neighbors won't think I'm skinning them. I'll bleach the pool again tonight, because it's pretty hard to do with 5 kids running around and jumping into the biohazard zone. Also, I got a notice in the mail today that if I don't get my CPR updated by the 15th they might revoke my daycare license. Thanks for the timely warning, assholes!

I'm having a fucking fantastic day.