Saturday, August 23, 2008

bead show, unexpected surprises

Well, friends, the bead show was great. Even with the toddler, who behaved herself very well. There were enough people to get jostled, but not enough to send me and the E screaming out the door. There were enough vendors for us to spend most of the morning and have a good time. I think if the show had been any larger E wouldn't have made it, because she told me she was done with beads several times before we left to get lunch. Thanks goodness for Marlene and the vegan kettle corn! Both helped to keep a girl behaving.

So, the skinny: we found some spectacular stuff. Both Marlene and I succumbed to the charms of some beautiful ceramic pendants from Athens, Greece. According to the lady selling them, (Add salt now!) the pendants are HUGE!!!!1! in Europe, and she is the only importer in the U.S. I'm going to get the info from her website and add it to the Etsy info when I list whatever the hell I make. (Here's a hint: Cthulu.) There were pearls everywhere! Marlene kept picking out button pearls that were $70 and up. She has good taste, like I do. I kept picking up stones that were $30 and up per strand. There were even some I liked that went over $90, which is insane. We saw lamp work beads that were $60, $90, and $160, and everywhere in between. There was moderately and well priced stuff there as well, you just had to look around. I swear we both yelled "Squeeeee!" when we found the $3 a strand table. There was so much gorgeous stuff to look at, admire lovingly, and set back down. The only part that really astounded me was the silver, and how very bloody much it was. The prices were marked by the gram, and one 4 inch strand I picked up ended up being around $70. I couldn't find anything less expensive, so I let silver go for the day. (I don't even need real, or quality silver. I just want something silver colored to use in my stuff!) One booth had adorable lamp work beads - a frog with a silly half smile wrapped around a flowered bead. I'm going to try and get some pictures tonight so I can share the cute. Of course I bought one! HAD TO.

After the show we went out to lunch at a community Market, that had a farmer's market going on outside the building. The Market is a cool place, housing all sorts of wonderful restaurants and shops. It's a little bit of hippie heaven, or a tiny piece of what I've heard California is like. Gluten free products of all sorts, Japanese food and groceries, soy candles, organic flowers and meat, coffee coffee coffee, local ice cream (there was cayenne, chili, caramel salt, and some normal stuff, too.) and and produce, as well as french perfume and Indian incense can all be found in one building. Because she was so very, very good I bought E some sunflowers of her choosing on the way out, and Marlene and I joined forces to get her some huge blackberries. HUGE! One was as big as my thumb, no shit. She fell asleep on the way home, slept for almost three hours, and woke up happy! Whew.

Now for the surprise part: We went out to dinner Friday night at a local mexican place we love. I noticed that my food tasted a little off, but I'd had such a long and frustrating day I just let it slide. Until I got to the end of my meal and noticed all the itsy bitsy pieces of chicken on my plate. I'd been so hungry I hadn't really looked at my food until that point. The waiter was mortified right along with me, and was nice enough not to charge us for my meal.

Now, if you are a vegetarian, or you have known a vegetarian for any length of time, you have heard how eating meat again after a long period of not eating meat will make you sick. John gat a burrito from Chipotle one time that was filled with meat instead of veggies, and he barfed out of disgust. I barfed not only from disgust, but also from actual illness. I also had some other issues, ones you don't want to hear about. This lasted until Saturday evening, tapering off towards the end. When Marlene, E and I went to lunch I ate a ton and did OK until we got home, then my tummy revolted one last time. So scientific research supports the meat will make you sick if you are a vegetarian theory. Bleck. Not only did I get sick, but I felt so, well, unclean after. I have no problem with other people eating meat, that's their choice after all. But to be tricked into it! Suffice to say, I'm off mexican for a while.

On a final note, I'm happy to report my child is acting less like Linda Blair and more like my kid again. Even napping!

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HollyLynne said...

ooooh . . . . I'm SO SORRY about that chicken. Its happened to me before and i know EXACTLY what you mean by both sickness and feeling unclean. SORRY!

the bead show sounds AWESOME! sounds like i'd have spent a small fortune in there :) Glad E behaved so nicely!