Friday, August 22, 2008

Calloo Calay!

If I send all the children home and no one has a broken bone, I will count today as a success. My child pinched me until I bruised, has fought EVERYTHING today, broke my necklace, hit me, screamed, woke all the other kids up, etc etc etc etc...

She's going back to the doctor. I think another ear infection might be in the works here. She didn't get any until two or three months ago, now, nothing but ear infections. We are having an "un-birthday" party day here today, and based on the behavior of all the children today, I am debating ever letting them have fun again. I also seem to have developed a sudden and infuriating case of clumsiness, which is not helping. As I wrote to a friend today, "TGI mother fucking F."

The stars must be out of alignment or something. Watch out for any Old Gods wandering about. Wait-gotta go put the kid back in her room...

She hasn't taken a nap for the past two days, and by 6pm she's a screaming, drooling, obstinate nightmare. Last night she didn't want spaghetti for dinner. This, the girl who ate 3 helpings of the same stuff for lunch because she HAD TO HAVE IT. Nope, 6 pm, hates spaghetti. I'm looking forward to what hellish scenario tonight brings. She woke up like this, fought me about her underwear, and even her christing toast this morning. Pretty soon all the kids will be walking around saying "GOD-----BLESS EVERYTHING!!!" It's all I can come up with to say that's not really bad when I'm pissed or in pain. And I say it an all caps, all the time.

Other news: I have a real bag comission for sure! I have 30 views! I am drinking tonight! I need a shower!

In non-exclamation point news: Last night E asked me to make her gorilla a shirt because he isn't dressed. He's basically a round ball with arms, so I started hand sewing a little shirt from the left over DRAGON bag fabric. I'm going to work on it this weekend, and hopefully have it finished by the time the demon leaves her body. It's going to look like a little kimono, I hope.

OOOH! And tomorrow I'm taking E to a bead trade show! (What the HELL am I thinking?!) We're meeting my crafty friend Marlene there. It should be a really fun time, as long as I can keep my sweet little one from freaking the fuck out. I really wanted to go to this, and John could use a few extra hours of alone time, so hooray! I'll give you the skinny once I get back from walking around with face paint stains and a toddler. I'm taking some cash, and giving myself a spending limit, but I think my head might explode once I get there. At least they won't have fabric. John would take my cards before I left, becuase he knows I'd wipe out our life's savings. Well, most of it, anyway.

Uck, out of her room again. I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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HollyLynne said...

bead show!!! SO JEALOUS!!!! i'd love to go to one sometime, even if it were with a cranky toddler :) have fun!