Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ear of DOOOOOOOM!!!!!one!!!

Yep, the ear infection is still #$%#*@& hanging around. Poor kid had to get a shot yesterday, and is on yet another round of stronger antibiotics. I held her little ass down today until she fell asleep, because she is tired on top of feeling like hell. That, and if I have another day where I spend the only quiet time I get to myself (bathroom time? Not private. It was an adjustment.) fighting with my screaming child to lay down, stop screaming, don't hit/bite/kick/scream/whatever, I may drive off and not return. (I kid! I'd come back in an hour.) She really is doing a lot better today, despite the 45 minute tantrum stemming from refusing to wash her hands after using the bathroom and deteriorating from there. John finally had to let me step in because he was going to be late for work if he didn't haul some ass. Aside from that, though, today has been better, if not perfect. Can I get an "amen?"

More good news-the classes I'm teaching are filling up fast or full! Hooray!

I'm taking the girl out for some vegan pizza tonight, and also to pick up some Camilla. It's a homeopathic treatment for teething that's basically condensed chamomile, but it works on just being angry, too. It's great for little ones who are just too upset to calm down. Well, you have to combine it with hugs and cuddles and soothing, but it helps. I thought having some around would be a good idea, given the level of chaos we've had this week.

On a sad note, I think I am killing my eucalyptus plant. I'm going to try to find a sunnier spot for it, but it's not meant for temperate zones, and moving it inside seems to have sped its decline. What the hell is fall doing showing up now? August is hot, world. Not sweater weather. Damn.

Off to pull the noodles from lunch off the ceiling again. They loved using chopsticks!


HollyLynne said...

awwww, poor little monster. i very vividly remember having an ear infection as a child and if FECKING HURT. I was at summer camp when it came on and when my mom arrived to pick me up I was lying fetal and very still on the office carpet with one ear firlmy pressed to the floor. My 5 year old self somehow found this helpful/comforting. I remember being pretty damn distressed when my mom tried to move me to the car. I'm sorry, I hope that shot helps E feel better soon!!!

What are you teaching? I remember reading that you were going to teach classes, but what they were in somehow managed to fall out of my brain.

Domesticrazy said...

I'll be teaching a "Jump Into Color!" class that will introduce basic color theory and mixing to the 2 to 6 set, and a "Beading for Big Kids" class for the 3 to 6ers. I expect to come home covered in paint from the first one, and dazed but happy from the second. I made guardians required for both, but they're really choking prevention units for the bead class! I can't wait to share all this stuff I love in a 1 hour setting!