Monday, August 11, 2008

Grey and cool

It's been cooling off little by little over the past few days, which has been a nice change from the over 90 degree and sweltering weather we've been having. Today dawned cool and grey, (I use the British spelling, thank you European encyclopedias I grew up with) and we may get some badly needed rain before the dusk.

I was a busy lady over the weekend-bringing in and organizing new art supplies for the kiddies, cleaning and sorting and purging unneeded clutter, doing laundry and straightening rooms. I finally removed the last diapers and wipes from E's old room yesterday. She has grown so big in the last two weeks, despite a "smoldering" ear infection and thus the apparent demon possession yet again. This may be the same ear infection as last time, or a new one, but it's not full blown, just enough for her to get really cranky sometimes. She's on a new and stronger antibiotic and will go back in two weeks so we can make sure it's gone this time. Poor kiddo.

I also worked on the "big ass bag" as John has been calling it. It's a market tote, or just a super cool huge bag. The fabric is a gorgeous Japanese dragon, and it's lined with a matching orange, has a large and small pocket, the shell is completely interfaced and boy oh boy, this bag is huge. I used almost a whole yard of fabric for both the lining and the shell. After this I'm going to whip out some bookmarks-small things to balance the big one.

Another weekend project completed and ready for this craft show Friday is Henna. I bought new bottles and applicators, tested the recipe and powder, and am ready to decorate some skin. My left hand is covered, but the first batch of henna I used was a little old and didn't darken as well as I'd hoped. It was also pretty lumpy, and therefore cloggy, so I'm going to sift and sort this next batch. I'll test it tomorrow, and post a pic if it turns out OK.

Last week at craft night it was a learning extravaganza. Marlene taught me how to mix and use resin; Traci gave us a sculpey intro and showed us how to make bows using strips of old magazines and brads; I think there was more but my brain is shot right now. It was so much fun, as always! Kim has been designing scrap books and pages, and she made a really cute one with her son eating corn. He has all of 6 teeth, and he looked very satisfied and proud in the photos. (I would have been, too. 6 teeth!) The sculpey help was wonderful, so Saturday I went out and bought a few tools and a mold so that I can make faces to sew onto bags, etc. At this point, however, I am putting a halt to learning any new crafts for awhile. I need to concentrate on using the fabric I have.

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Traci said...

I had a blast that week!!

I didn't make much, but it got my desire to sculpt more back into action!!!

Your wine glass markers are adorable!

On the comment of photos, You notice there were none of me. I don't take many of myself and I'm with ya' on the losing a bit of weight.

Can't wait to see what we make this week!