Wednesday, August 20, 2008


John admitted last night that he was pretending I dealt a smell the last time. He admitted this because he gassed the kid and I out of the bathroom last night while we were giving her the nightly scrub down. But enough of my family's ability to produce methane. Let's talk about good smells!

Beck took me to a lovely soap store while I was in town. We went way the hell out of town to get to it, but it was worth every mile. She'd given me soap before and I have been slowly converting to the great stuff she passes along. E has a chuck of Lavender Lilac that is all hers, and she will only share it with me sometimes. I have Honeysuckle in my hemp scrub mitt in my shower, and patchouli rose by my sink. It was actually difficult for me to use the soaps because they made my towels smell so good when I was storing the soap beside them. I'll be making baskets of soap and other handmade local stuff for the holidays, and I can only hope that the recipients appreciate the soap love they are getting!

My and John's families seem to have the majority of their birthdays from November to April, with the bulk in November through the first week of January. On one hand this means we get it all out of the way at once. On the other hand, the piles of love-infused gifts threaten to over-run the house from October on. I was never the kind of person who started looking for gifts right after the holidays ended, but getting married to a Catholic family has forced my hand, and I start preparing earlier each year. If it was just a matter of shopping I might wait longer, but making the majority of the gifts means I need some extra time. This year I'm also going to buy from Etsy and check out a shop called "Vintage Green" that makes green cleaning and laundry products. I'm going to test the stuff out first, and if it works well I'll let you know.

It's tea time. I'm fighting off what I hope is not the flu one of the parents had-she horked for three days straight and had other issues both before and after. She lost five pounds, but I'd rather just keep working out, if it's all the same to the bug I have. The waves of nausea and sweat are bearable. If I'm lucky any serious illness will wait until the weekend and be gone by Sunday afternoon.

When the hell did I start hoping to be sick on the weekend? I'm officially old now.

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