Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Poems, realizations and force

Every night at bedtime we read our girl poems. There may or may not be a story, but there are almost always poems. She especially enjoys Edward Lear, and a poem called "Five Chants" by I don't remember right now. So after stories and poems last night I wrote one just for her:

"There is a little girl that I love best
And every morning she fights getting dressed
But in the end she wears her clothes
And I leave kisses on her nose."
(Kiss small, cute nose 3 times)

Hearing the poem again this morning circumvented the getting dressed fight, which was a nice change of pace. I love that our girl loves poetry so much. Poetry is armor, and it protects you with the commonality of human experience.

OK, I'm done now.

My friend emailed a link to her photo bucket this morning, so that we could all look at pics from last week's craft night. I've never liked seeing pictures of myself, but lately I've been pushing towards the unhappy end of my scale. The other day it read 186, and that shows in the pictures Traci posted. Which means that I do not look like what I want to look like, nor do I fit into clothes as well as I'd like. One big problem is that I'm tired at the end of the day. Another is that I detest Leslie Sansone, and would rather eat my own vomit that go through her workout DVD one more time. I am the least self disciplined person I know, and this is just one more example. So, having seen the pictures and being unable to un-see them, I am forced to try to reduce my girth and weight through drastic means. I need to start working out, and hard. The goal is 20 pounds for now, seeing as how we might start trying for another kiddie again soon, I'm not sure how realistic the weight loss goal is. But I will, by god, get into better shape. One I can see in a picture that doesn't make me automatically think of a beached whale. Yay Goals!

OK-laundry time. The dude is coming to fix our dryer today, so I need to relocate mountain o' dirty clothes. This wouldn't be such a big deal if the HOA would let us have a clothes line. I don't like the HOA.


HollyLynne said...

great poem! neat that it averted a morning freak out too :)

working out sucks and i more or less won't do it either. i walk alot though. boy and i on fridays will walk REALLY FAR for dinner. I just mapquested last friday's dinner . . .2.6 miles from home. and of course we walked back.

between the walking and switching to all fruit for breakfast, i seem to have gotten myself down to the point where, every time i see her, i catch my mom whispering to my boy about "has she been eating?!".

that and stress. if you're looking to loose, i suggest stress. like taking out a mortgage or something. :)

HollyLynne said...

lose, not loose. blah!

Marlene said...

You can always workout with me if you want... I walk at the parks on the weekend and walk/jog on a track.

Let me know.

And there is always the wii... Do you have your friend code yet?