Thursday, August 7, 2008

Quick bitch

My day started out so well.

We were going to have a pool party. I made a picnic lunch, scrubbed and bleached the pools this morning, and filled them up so they would be warm-ish for the kids. I had tattoos, lollipops and music. I had snacks and toys and sunshine. Everything should have been roses.

One kid started screaming, a baby. The other baby started in, too. This happened as soon as we walked outside. I know they're both teething, but for fuck's sake, I'm only human. I can't take hours of screaming on end. They had dry diapers, oragel, ibuprofen, hugs, cuddles, food; the works. They were still screaming. Then another kid shit in the pool. Then we had lunch, and went inside for a nap. NO ONE IS SLEEPING. It's been 2 hours, and despite the vacuum I'm running, they still keep waking each other up.

I'm done. We're inside for the rest of the day. They can paint or scream or whatever, at least the neighbors won't think I'm skinning them. I'll bleach the pool again tonight, because it's pretty hard to do with 5 kids running around and jumping into the biohazard zone. Also, I got a notice in the mail today that if I don't get my CPR updated by the 15th they might revoke my daycare license. Thanks for the timely warning, assholes!

I'm having a fucking fantastic day.

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