Thursday, August 21, 2008

Random crapdom

Right about now, my funk soul brothers, my daughter is playing the damn yellow dancing hamster that erupts into the fucking chicken dance song when you press it's little yellow paw. I am ECSTATIC about this, not only because I have a headache, but also because I lived in western Pennsylvania for a few of my formative years and it was required by state law that The Chicken Dance song must be played daily in all public places, and at least 14 times at each wedding. So you can imagine how fond I am of that particular melody. Especially in hamster form. Loud hamster form.

It's really helping my headache, too!

I finally got off my ass and got the bag measurements up, but not the jewelry lengths yet. I'm lazy. I am standing firm in the Etsy shop at 29 views for the pink and brown bag I made, and I told John that I'm going to have a celebration once I get to 30. Forget sales. Who needs sales? I'm going for views from now on. At least I won't have to figure out the USPS website. I know that sales will come, and I know that it will take some time. I'm OK with that. In the meantime I have one firm commission for a diaper bag and one maybe commission for a bag like the one on the shop. I'm also making one of the girls a bookbag for preschool, which may or may not produce money. It may be a gift. I'm OK with that, too. Right now, as long as you don't whine incessantly at me, I'm pretty much OK with whatever.

You know, this isn't a very happy post. It's actually been a good day, my child not napping aside. But my child not napping is not good for her come 6 pm, so I'm off to hepl my very wonderful, patient and loving husband. Better blog stuff later!


HollyLynne said...

i'm an obsessive view counter too. views can be gratifying, especially when sales are lagging!

wtf is up w/ the chicken dance?! why would ANYONE willingly subject themselves to that?! and at a wedding?!?!?! thats right up there with what i consider to be the #1 most awful song to play at a wedding: "Baby Got Back" (like, seriously, why would anyone do that?)

Beans said...

Welcome to the midwest. the chicken dance is right up there with the Macarana and the STAR SPANGLED BANNER

Domesticrazy said...

Also "God Bless the USA" which was played AGAINST MY WILL AND EXPLICIT INSTRUCTIONS at my wedding. Out here music isn't enjoyed, it's used to beat you over the head and get you to submit.