Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shred it like you mean it!

Pardon me if I am surly today. My child is being a complete asshole right now, and the only good part of that statement is that not enough people read this blog to send me outraged emails or leave snide, opinionated comments. This morning she bit a girl through her shirt, hard enough to draw blood. She's pushed, she's hit, she's fought and screamed and whined and taken toys and more. She's going to the doctor today to see if the smoldering ear infection finally went away, and I find myself in the very odd position of both hoping that said infection is gone while simultaneously hoping she still has it, and that is the reason for this insane behavior.

If not for the Lexapro and Xanax, I think I would be in full panic attacks at this point. The boys have been screaming a lot. If I go to the bathroom they both stand outside the door and they don't just yell, they scream, they wail, they make my ears bleed through the wood. All four girls are in testing stages, and both boys have separation anxiety. This is just a stage, and it will pass. I know this, I understand this and I am waiting for this. In the mean time, however, I need to live through these lovely developmental milestones.

Luckily, John came home early to take E to the doctor, so he instantly grounded me and brought me back to center. He dealt with the tantrums from his arrival on, and he has probably favor later, of the dirty kind. I've mentioned this before, but I respect the single parent population more and more each day.

In other, less child intensive news, I have placed "30 Day Shred" at the tippy top of our Netflicks queue. It came highly recommended by Linda at Sundry Mourning (see links list!) I'd link to the damn Amazon thing, but one of the internets in our house sucks right now and won't upload the page. We've been doing Leslie Sansone's Walk Away the Pounds for over 5 years now, and that is the only reason my ass does not have its own zip code. But I HATE HATE HATE the damn thing now, and am looking for a workout that suits my needs:
  1. 30 minutes or under
  2. Can be done in my home
  3. Will be worth my time
From what I've read the 30 Day Shred (which I am just assuming means you will shed the weight and get toned, or that you will somehow become a talented surfer by using this DVD) seems to fit the bill. It's 20 minutes, and Linda mentioned having muscles in her arm pits. I'd settle for anything under a size 16, preferably a 12. Or, just not horking up my lunch everytime I catch an unexpected glimse of myself in a mirror, or worse, a photo. Lazy, undisciplined and enjoying food adds up to "not what I'd like to look like." Since I have very little self control, I need to work out more and/or burn less calories, because I won't be eating healthier. I refuse to give up chocolate-everthing else has already been abandoned.

And, for hooray time, tonight is craft night. I'll be going for a little bit, but mostly I want to be at home, drinking and watching a big stupid monster movie while doing laundry. Then I want to pass the fuck out into sweet oblivion and wake up knowing that there are only 2 days left until weekend. Amen, and wish me luck.


HollyLynne said...

can't wait to hear how the workout tape goes! i read the entry where sundry talked about it too . . . i've never really done tapes but since i'm spectacularly unsuccessful at actual gym going, maybe they're the right kind of workout for me? looking forward to hearing how you like it!

Domesticrazy said...

I can't wait to find the part where she tells me she wants me to feel like I'm going to die! You know it's a SERIOUS workout when the instructor wishes you to feel at death's door. We need to send back a DVD for this one to come, though, so either I'm watching Broken Flowers tonight or Cloverfield tomorrow night. The Sopranos would be tempting to watch all in one night, but then I slip up and my kid uses new, fun words!