Friday, August 29, 2008

Up yours, last week of August!

Thanks for all the sympathy for little E! She's doing a little better each day, but I just had to hold her down to get her to take a nap again. Stubborn child, that one. It's nice to be slowly gaining my little girl back, though, so I'm just keeping eyes on the prize here. That goes for the day care, too. Everyone I know has had the week from hell. Mine culminated this morning with one of those pinched nerves that comes from breathing. I have no idea what I did, but COME ON! Back pain was not what I had in mind for today. Eh, it just means I'll be taking it extra easy tonight, which was the plan anyway, so no big deal. You know, except the ouch factor. Drugs and alcohol will fix that right up, especially combined with a nice lavender bath. Mmmm. And Brownies. Everyone thank Hollylynne and this post for expanding my ass, ok? Let's hope the 30 Day Shred gets here soon.

OK, I have to tell you. John and I watched the last 20 ish minutes of Obama's speech live on the web last night. We don't have cable, literally do not watch TV (DVDs and that's it!) but my sorry ass still had no idea that you could get live feeds like this. If not for the pity of friends and family I'd be all impressed with that new fangled typewriter John has to use at work. I'm not a techno phobe, it's more like I'm techno apathetic. What I have works. More information would just push other things out of my tiny head, like how to brush my teeth or wipe my own ass. I can't afford to lose that info!

Anyway, Obama. There were many, many parts of his speech that made me want to make out with him. Now, I'm a starry-eyed ultra liberal vegan who believes in equality regardless of whatever, and I know that I'm WAAAY out of mainstream America. (See TV: not watching; meat: not eating; stuff: not buying; chemicals: avoid using; etc et al ad nauseum.) So there were a few parts of the speech that felt less than authentic; obvious nods to the less liberal and politcally necessary for any presidential nominee. However, those nods were gracious, and not as overt as they could have been. I will never agree 100% with anyone on anything, and that's a wonderful thing! I'm not vanilla, never will be. I like it sometimes, but I also like the spicy, diverse stuff. I sat at the computer last night with my husband, proud as hell that a man, a smart, fiery, optimistic man that had an Kenyan father and American, white mother is our nominee. I'm glad he's of "mixed race." I'm glad he had such a loving and diverse family. Most of all, I'm thrilled he's not some old, rich white dude talking about God's plan for America and Why Women and Gays are Wrong. Hell yes I'm glad he's not The Shrub. But still, I am wary.

I didn't believe Bush could get elected. Twice.

I still can't believe it. I can't believe people will believe any shit handed to them, swallow obvious lies, say thank you, and ask for more. Yet people keep doing this over and over. I worry about humanity.

When I get too worried about the idiots that are roaming freely on this planet, there is a movie I watch: "I *heart* Huckabees." I wish things could be solved as easily as they are in that movie sometimes. In less than 2 hours I can regain my perspective, laugh, and go back to my surrealist roots. If you haven't seen it, please do. And vote based on your beliefs, not rhetoric or smears or fear. I want to be hopeful about this election. I want to be optimistic, enthusiastic and all the rest. I want to believe that we can change the system, that what is broken can be fixed. Unfortunately, the "fixing" and/or the stupidity of large groups of people are the things I am most afraid of, having seem one or the other happen two times already. Economists, and I need to gather some references/sources here because I heard it on NPR, but economists have said that the most people, 80% of people, will benifit from Obama's economic plan, and that only the top 2% will benifit from McCain's plan. YET people will still believe that Obama is an elitist out to rob the American people. Because he's black. Or some other crap.

Please oh please oh please let this campaign and election be different! Honesty! Integrity! No mudslinging! Poor little starry-eyed hippie, when will you learn?

Well, done ranting. Have a lovely long weekend!

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