Monday, August 18, 2008

Weekend rocks, now back to it.

The weekend, as the title suggests, rocked. I only sold one bracelet at the craft show, but it was my first craft show, and I sold something. Beck did pretty well with her headbands, and we handed out a lot of cards again, so hopefully people will be flocking to the website en-mass. We had a great time, lots of delicious food and drink, and great things to smell. (Soaps. I have nothing funny to say about it, either.)

My wonderful, smart, savvy and witty friend was also nice enough to photograph the jewelry I've made and start posting it on the Etsy shop. One of the bags is up, too, with more to come. We had some friends over for dinner last night, and one may be interested in commissioning a bag, and one of my parents bought a bracelet this morning. I just got a call from the local art center that I'll be teaching at, and one of my classes is full (they called to ask my if they could up the max by one; I said "yes!") and the other is filling. I've got a nice, new, excellent batch of henna made and tested, and tonight is library night. Everything is coming up Milhouse!

Well, everything but the book I'm reading. I don't want to spoil it for my friend, mentioned above, but some serious shit has just happened in the George R. R. Martin book I'm reading, and I'm very upset about it. Does it make me the biggest geek ever that not only do I:
  • have a crush on one of the characters
  • dream about this character
  • think about this character constantly
but I also am honestly upset by what has just happened in the book, not even regarding the character in question? Oh, what a dork am I! I called John after two consecutive chapters to weep and rend my clothing.

I'm hoping to get some upkeep done tonight, both on this site and on the Etsy one. Laundry, as ever, needs done (day care = laundry hell) and I'm sure there's about a million other things that need attended to that I'm forgetting. Don't care! I have great smelling honeysuckle soap in my shower, Viking's Blod to drink tonight, and I'm going to start on the ass-load of fall/winter birthday and holiday gifts that need made. I WILL do and entirely handmade gift giving season this year! Amen Etsy.

Now, off to wrangle the waking wees. Hope you had a great weekend, too!


Marlene said...

OK.... who do you have a crush on?

Cause I do too!


Domesticrazy said...

Tyrion...there is something wrong with me.

Marlene said...

Noooo... I totally have a crush on Tyrion too.

But do you know who my favorite is???

Sandor Clegane - The Hound


(Even looked for Fanfic about him)