Monday, September 22, 2008

Free Night and getting you up to date

Thanks for the wax removal tips-we'll see how that goes tonight. If nothing else Beans will be here this weekend and can help me clean up the mess I make from cleaning up the wax. Also, RE comments on my last post: I was so excited that Paul commented! And I got a laugh .4 seconds later when I saw who it really was....

Right now the two boys are doing what I like to call "Not sleeping." They are also not being quiet, and that irks me. They are supposed to sleep for the next half hour, but I really don't see that happening, so I might just give up. Silly little boys!

I'm on Coke #3 for the day. Not good. I'm trying to wean myself off the caffeine, but you can see how well that's going. Not bloody well. Gah.

I've figured out that no decision should ever be made in my life. Just when we decided to gear up for trying for baby #2, John has decided to go back to school to become a radiographer. Which is what your average guy on the street calls an X-Ray tech. Now, please don't misunderstand, I'm freaking ecstatic that my dude has finally figured out something he'd like to do that isn't radio. (RIP radio. We miss you.) The sound of his soul being killed by working in corporate America is an awful, keening wail that keeps me up at night. Luckily he only needs two quarters to get his operating license, and can continue schooling while working from that point on. The down side is that we need to figure out a few things as far as baby timing goes, because there is no fucking way I'm having a baby just as he starts school, etc. The classes for radiography all start in the summer, so we should be fine. The earliest I could have a kid, without bad early stuff, if I got knocked up next month, would be August, which should be well into his quarter. What I don't want to do is have a kid during his exam weeks, or when we are in that glorious little period between insurance A and insurance B. I'm going to need some help, and I don't want to hurt his schooling in the process. So, after tomorrow when the info for classes comes out we're going to look at a few things and decide the best time to have lots and lots of sex. YOU READ IT YOU CAN'T UN-READ IT! HA HAHA!

I'm really proud of John for doing this. It's going to be interesting, and I can't wait for him to get that first "A." He looked around, took his time, did some research, and decided what he'd be happiest doing. If only we all had that kind of reasoning ability! I seem to function on the "Oh hell let's try this now" operating principle. Not reasoned at all. Except for the planning the kid thing. I know how hard that is, and I have no desire to fuck that timing up.

And finally, the Free Night thing. I need some time to run around and do the things everyone else does throughout their day. I don't drive to or from work, have no lunch break to run errands, and if I do happen to be going somewhere, I seem to only have enough time to get where I need to go. So tonight is my free night, with no obligations or time limits, no child and no responsibilities. Well, I do have stuff I need to get done, but aside from that...

I'm going to get the plaque made for a friend. I'm going to see if I can find some roving to spin, a soap mold, and perhaps some witch hazel. Then I'm going to go home and start on my craft room, which is a huge mess and doesn't function as a craft room at all right now. I'm going to remove the dresser I currently keep my fabric in, the couch that is just sitting there with fabric piled all over it, and maybe move things around a bit. I have some "itso" stuff in mind to replace some of what I'm getting rid of. I'm not really sure how to do what I want, but something needs to be done. What I have right now does not work. Ugh. Craft room organization can be such a bitch!


HollyLynne said...

I'm ALWAYS commenting with Paul's account on the weekends. I keep accidentally doing it to Swistle and, even though my comments on her blog are never pervy, they SEEM PERVY in context of some dude she doesn't know named Paul leaving them. :(

Good luck with the wee!!! If you did have a baby in August you'd be having yours just around when I start trying for my first . . . so don't scare me off with stories of horking, ok!? :)

And that is awesome about your husband going back to school.

Also, hooray for witch hazel. When I use it Paul says "you smell like a tree."

Domesticrazy said...

OK, "you smell like a tree" nearly made me hit the floor. Does he go out sniffing trees? Or was he a tree in a past life? Do you smell like a certain kind of tree, or is it just a general tree kind of smell?

I'm going to have to start reading the comments at Swistle to see if I can kind your pervy ones.

The horking is actually horrible, but not everyone gets it. I just happen to get insanely ill while in early pregger stage. I'll be gentle, though. Bur I want you to know what to helps!

HollyLynne said...

he hasn't really specified about the tree thing. you're right, he should. trees all smell different!

oh great . . . horking . . . my favorite. i guess you should tell me the truth though!!!