Monday, September 1, 2008

Head smash

Well, I'm done talking about politics for a while. I keep forgetting how nuts people get during an election year, and so I'm going to keep that out of here for a bit. Let's talk about, idunno, say, sewing?

I'm back in the saddle.

I started on a bookbag/back pack (She was very specific in her desire for a back pack.) last night for the three year old in the daycare. She's coming here tomorrow after school because she MUST tell me how her first day of school was. I'm so excited for her! So I let her pick out fabric and I am making her the best back pack ever. I'm also making a diaper bag for her mom to give as a gift. It's been really fun to get back to my machine. It's been really fun to do most things lately. Even the whining is easier to tolerate sometimes. Now, if I could shake this cold, everything would be comin' up Milhouse.

I'm woefully behind on Etsy stuff, mostly because we haven't sold anything yet, and it's depressing. I know it'll come, but in the mean time I'm too busy to do anything about it, but not to busy to get a little disenheartened. (Is that really a word? Too lazy to get the dictionary...) I need to get my friend RavennaBlue's (? I need to figure out how to spell her line name, too. I suck!) stuff listed, my jewelry measured and edited, and I'm sure there's more. I'm dedicating every evening this week to getting shit done. Seriously. Dude.

I guess that means I'd better get started on housework, so's I can do crafty stuff the rest of the week. Right now John's outside staining our fence, which has been a mother of a project. Laundry's going, I'm about to sweep, mop, vacuum, and steam clean. Then I'll work on sanitizing and toy/supply preparation and organization. And dinner. I love free days! This day means I don't have to do this all this week, I can get it out of the way now. Sweet, sweet long weekend. I hope your was a blast! Tomorrow I'll tell you about taking E to the Lion King show. Not the cartoon!

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