Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm about to be a weeble

Indie Home Ec just posted an update on how "30 Day Shred" is going for her, along with an awesome corset bag she made herself. I know many friends who wear corsets; I wonder if they would like corset bags? Imma think on that awhile.

Oddly enough, right after I read her post I went to my mailbox, and there was a little red envelope from Netflix! And Shred was inside. I'm about to kick my own ass into shape, painfully, if all reviews can be trusted. Then I'm gonna stretch it the hell back out again!

I'm nuts!

In crafty news, I finally sold the pink and brown bag! I sent it with a Mom from the day care last night to "advertise" for me. She liked it so much she bought it! And all her co-workers wanted one, too, so I didn't take the listing off Etsy, I just put a note on it. If you get a chance, check it out and tell me if I should change it, OK? I plan on making a small ass load of these thins, since everyone prefers them to my jewelry. It was quite a thrill, though, having someone borrow my bag and not want to give it back. Plus, I just made some scratch for John's X-mas present.

~Totally random question here~What the holy hell can you make for guys? I have so much trouble making things for the Y chromosone. Any ideas?

E woke up at 4:15 am this morning, which is quickly becoming a trend. An early morning trend. Not happy about this trend in the over 30 side of the house, but I guess we're going to have to ride it out. Only 2 Cokes today! I really, really suck at self discipline. After the Coke runs out I'm switching to iced tea and sparkling water. It's the bubbles I love more than anything, really. The iced tea will keep me from dying of a caffeine headache, and off the bubbles will make me belch loud enough for all the kiddies here to cry they laugh so hard. It'll be a good thing for all of us.


HollyLynne said...

oh boy, are you in for it!!! I'm so excited you're jumping on the bandwagon!!! I!!! Used!!! All!!! The!!! Punctuation!!! (thats how excited I am :))

Its BAD for the first two days or so, not gonna lie to you. But its amazing how quickly you'll start to see results. Its totally worth it.

hooray for your bag sales!!!! i love that design, reversible rocks.

boy gifts . . . i have made for mine: scarves that he doesn't wear, a padded zip bag that he uses for his sunglasses (keeps it in his car), and (quite inspired i think) a crocheted meatwad with an embroidered on face.

Karen said...

I made Sean a Cup of Death out of clay for him to use when he plays games where little tiles die.

I have also seen these neat "Dice Towers" for people who need to roll a ton of dice at a time and don't want them to roll all over the place. But I can't figure out how to make one myself...

You could always make him a cute apron to wear while he cooks... :)

HollyLynne said...

did u live? anxiously awaiting update! :)