Friday, September 19, 2008

My Mom!

My Mom gets a medal for all her help during the power outage, but she gets an freaking purple heart for this:

She's taking the girl after dance class tomorrow (9:30 AM!) and bringing her back Sunday around 10. That's 24 hours, give or take depending on how late she's running at any point. I love my kid, but holy cow! One whole day child free! I'm getting myself a fancy new haircut, some pink hair dye, some storage devices at The Container Store, and then I'm gonna have me a date day. We're doing some really sexy stuff, like selling books at Half Price Books, eating out, and grocery shopping.

I might be drunk the entire time, just because I can.

In more mundane news, I've started the boxes I'll be giving gifts in this year. They're the basic paper mache' boxes from JoAnn, which I am painting and decorating. Hopefully these will be re-used for years. If not, someone's getting a paper mache' box to the head.

Also, Ms. Beans has put some stuff from Moira and Alice on sale, and I might follow suit. You know, if I ever get over the lazy. I'm also going to a craft fair on December 5th, so I need to get cracking on that. And Halloween costumes, and diaper bags, ACK! I can't make a list-I'll get too overwhelmed and then I'll never do anything. One thing I really do need to get done, though, is get the red wax out of our bedroom carpet. Which sounds naughty, doesn't it? Nope, John and I were trying to read by candlelight and the %$##%^%$& candle holder just let the wax flow right onto the floor. Bastard candleholder. Meh.

Well, time to entertain the kiddies, snack time is over. Hope you have a great weekend!


Beans said...

best way to get wax up:
old towel
place old towel on wax, place iron on towel. the heat from the iron will melt the wax and the towell should absorb the melted wax.
from: useful things beans learned in college.

Paul said...

hope your weekend was awesome!!!
i could've used beans tip when i was in college . . . for the record "cut the wax out with scissors DOESN'T WORK AS WELL! ;)

HollyLynne said...

that was me . . .gah! gotta stop posting with boy's account!