Tuesday, September 30, 2008

ow ow ow ow ow

I was counting down the minutes until I could take Aleve again. There are a few parts of me that don't hurt right now; I just don't know which parts they are. I'm thinking eyelids.

I ate a banana yesterday before my workout, and I think I'll repeat that again today. Tomorrow I'm going to do a 10 minute workout/toning thing instead, and then I'll do another 2 days of shred. If you need a laugh just imagine a pink haired lady grunting things about how she can DO THIS while six children use cylinder blocks like weights and "work out" around her.

Then imagine me trying to carry two wiggly infants while feeling like I'm made of flubber. Comedy gold.

I've been reorganizing the craft room so that I can actually work in it. Despite my best plans I did fuck all last night once I got home again. I drank half my tea and passed out on the couch watching an unintentionally hilarious documentary about Bigfoot. One of the "strongest pieces of evidence" they had when the film was made had been revealed as a hoax by the people who made it in the meantime. Which made all the people using the film as evidence look like assholes. And that made the rest of the documentary less than compelling. Great to relax and fall asleep to, though!

After the kids left yesterday I drove John and E to the library and met my friend Karen at Kroger. We had a shopping date, which makes us as cool as old ladies with curlers in our hair walking around in public. It was fun, though, and I have a set of borrowed hand carders to use for a week or so. I hope to card my fleece tonight and get the carders back to Karen post haste-then I can start spinning!

Now it's time to find a heating pad and assume the fetal position...

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HollyLynne said...

hooray for the image of the little ones working out with you :) it gets easier, i swear!

carding, eh? can't wait to see photos of how that goes!