Monday, September 29, 2008

Wagons and pain

I'm on the wagon for the next long time. Until a kid pops out and has lived for a few months, at the least, longer maybe. I'm going to try Shred in about half an hour, once everyone is asleep. Wish me luck!

Had an awesome weekend with Beck, who listened and talked with me for 48 hours straight. There was a lot I needed to talk about and get off my chest, and she was not only a great ear, she was a good shoulder, too. By the way Beck, I brought it up last night. A "bleck" and "We don't need to" was the response. I'm so glad you listened; I'll keep working on it. But we've had some good talks, and I'm going to keep that up, too. You rock.

So I organized the hell out of a few more things, took another three big boxes to Goodwill (the guys there are starting to recognize me) and then watched a great anthology with my husband. Slowly but surely the house is being emptied of all the crap we don't need, and that is making me feel really, really good. That and making gifts for other people...we made little soaps with melt-n-pour soap last night. I added some small chunks of the Daybreak Lavender Farm soaps into them, which didn't melt into the other soap liked I'd hoped. It did make a great effect, though, and with the sweet almond oil and frankincense, I think I may have stumbled upon some really great gifts to give!

While Beck was here we dyed our hair. Mine has quickly fading pink streaks, Beck's hair has a few blond streaks. I thought her hair turned out great! I need to dye mine again and see if I can get the color to take a little better. If not, I have the purple stuff. We also put up some really big ass metal shelves in the craft room, and I again have a space I can work in. Hooray!

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