Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Well, it wasn't a tornado after all...

Ike came through here this weekend, and while it wasn't a tornado, it WAS the biggest windstorm our area has had in recorded history. The damage in our state was unprecedented according to NPR, the news I trust. (I'm sure Fox blamed this on Obama or liberals.) I was helping Grandma with her move on Sunday with E in tow, and was amazed at what I saw on my drive. There were trees flying across the road, lines down everywhere, power outages that seemed random and people acting like complete morons. (Big surprise there, eh?) The Halloween Store employee dressed as a deviled egg getting blown down and being rolled would have cracked my up if 1) I didn't feel so bad for her, and 2) I hadn't been fighting to keep my car from blowing off either side of the road.

When I got home Sunday evening, our power was out. We dined by candlelight on PB&J, got E to bed with her new flashlight, and set about enjoying the fun electricity-free night.

In our area there were more than 360,000 people without power for more than 2 days. The power went out across the board between 2:30 and 4:30 Sunday afternoon. The estimate for getting power back in our subdivision went from the 17th after 8 pm to the 23rd after midnight, but happily we got electricity back yesterday at 4:25. I have friends that are still waiting for power, and most of the crafty girls aren't going to make it tonight because getting everything cleaned up and back on track (like laundry, oh god the LAUNDRY!) takes so much time. Everyone I know lost a ton of food, because there was no ice to be found after the first few hours. We were lucky and were able to get our food to my parents, who live close by and didn't lose their power at all. They did lose part of their barn, a tree and a basketball hoop, and their neighbors lost a significant portion of their house when a tree fell on it. There are so many people in my immediate area that weren't as lucky as we were, and right now my thoughts are with them.

I kept the daycare going by heating water on a gas grill our neighbors brought over, and eating what we could keep in the cooler. Other neighbors brought ice-they still had power, too. Stoplights were down all over the place, and the whole "4 way stop when the light is out" idea finally kicked in by day two. I had to go to a doctor's appointment Monday, and I wish I would have remembered my camera, because not only could I show you the weirdness and destruction, but I could have also made the trip more productive, since the office I went to was empty and without power. It was also seemingly abandoned; I wonder how long it will take to get all the patients rescheduled? Answer: A long, long time.

John and I had the night off last night to celebrate our 7 year anniversary, which was Monday the 15th. (Power outage kind of killed the celebration, you know?) We got married 4 days after September 11th, so having no power and rolling with the punches seemed like it was appropriate. Anyway, we went out to grab some wine and beer at our local grocery, and walked down aisles and aisles that were empty. No meat, no produce, no frozen food, very little left of canned goods, etc. Plenty of wine and beer, though! Then we watched some Sopranos and listened to some old punk before we went to bed. I think John will be guest blogging here from time to time; we talked about whilst not sober last night, and it's an idea I like a lot.

OK, guys. I'm beat, the kids are finally sleeping and I have to go to the dentist soon. I'm going to lay down for 15 minutes, and then get moving. Well, once Mom gets here with E to relieve me. I'll get my thoughts in order and write some more tonight or tomorrow. I hope you have electricity and hot water.


HollyLynne said...

OH THANK GOD THEY STILL HAD WINE!!! :D (that was meant to be a in a totally serious tone, for the record!)

I'm glad you're ok! Congrats on your anniversary too . . . and I look forward to John's guest blogging! I don't think I could get Paul to guest blog. But I'll get him drunk tonight and suggest it . . .see what happens ;)

Domesticrazy said...

You know, even if you get Paul drunk and he still won't guest blog, it could still be a winning situation for you. (I'm naughty!)

And I said the same thing about the wine.