Sunday, October 19, 2008

It's contagious

John has the plague now. I'm making him take tomorrow off work, I've closed the daycare for another day, and I'm also making E lay down and watch the Cinderella ballet from Netflix. Aside from wanting to scratch some of my skin off, I'm doing a ton better. Poor John, though. He never gets sick and is miserable.

Well, I need to go douse my entire house with bleach. Then another nap...

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HollyLynne said...

ooohhhh . . . SORRY!!!! Your last post was sounding bad with the hives and itching and all but a sick man too now?! Thats FECKIN ARMAGEDDON!

So its some kind of flu virus that you're also ALLERGIC to?!?! Cause the horking stomach flu isn't enough, right? Thanks, universe!

This weekend was pretty much whatever. Just hanging out, getting some work done here and there, normal stuff. I'm sure that sounds like a spectacularly good time compared to hives though, sorry! :(