Thursday, October 2, 2008


Today has been very loud and a bit difficult, what with two boys both in the testing/climbing stage of one, where they do the things they are not supposed to do to see if you will still tell them "no." This goes on and on all day, until I strap them into their chairs for a snack or lunch. I don't know if it's the weather changing or what, but this week has been weird!

John and I are going to watch the VP debate tonight. I'm planning on laughing my ass off, because if I don't I'll revert to wanting to punch Palin in the face. Every time that woman opens her mouth I get this overwhelming desire to throw manure at her face, just to see if I can send some of the continual shit she spews back from whence it came. That, and I'd love to see her face. This is not the positive thought process I have been trying to cultivate lately, and I know that. In 5 weeks I'll either be happy with the election results or packing for a foreign country, and either way I'll be just as positive as I can. But tonight, I laugh. I can't wait to hear what these two come up with. I only hope Biden doesn't stick his foot too far in and choke to death on stage.

I need to start working on my Halloween costume and X-mas stuff, too. The soap is turning out very well, but it's melt and pour, so it's pretty hard to screw up. We've been adding stuff to it, which has also turned out well, but I feel like I'm cheating all the same. I may hibernate for a few weeks, just to isolate myself and get some stuff done and over with, like the 3000 gifts that need made for our huge ass families. Also, that pesky Halloween costume. Meh. I need some inspiration! Any ideas?

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