Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mt. Laundry at 14,000 feet

Well, it's better...E horked again last night, chocolate soy ice cream no less. Gaaaah. I had to steam clean it up. The smell, oh God the smell...

So the mountain of laundry no longer towers above my head. I now have a "don't look; I don't want to know" policy with my laundry. What with the day care's daily gross factor plus viruses and other nasties running around, I don't know what laundry has been puked on, peed on, pooped on, or worse. Yesterday I found what looked like a puddle in my kitchen, but when I went to wipe it up it was thick. At this point I just grab a load, shove it in, add liberal amounts of cleaning agents and turn on the warmest water I can use without turning all our stuff one color. Then I wash my hands, drink some gingerale and try not to think about it.

Our wonderous bodies! So full of disgusting fluids and abilities! Miracle of life!

To change the subject, I'm back to knitting. It seemed wrong to knot when it was warm out, but now that it's cooled down I've got the urge to just sit and knit all the time. The problem is that all I do is knit, I can't even purl. It's really sad. To this end I checked out a book I found at the Library last night: "Knitting With Balls." I thought it was a kind of "one skein wonder" type of book, but it was actually a book for men who knit. And miracle of miracles, I can understand the instructions and illistrations. I know I think like a guy sometimes, but maybe it's the ADHD or the fact that I prefer power tools to scrapbooking, but this book just seems to make sense to me in a way no other knitting bok ever has before. I found a pattern for a face cover thing for my dad, fingerless gloves for me! and something for John...I know he doesn't read this anymore, but just in case I'm not telling yet.

So tonight I'm either going to craft night to knit, or I'm going out to a quiet place to knit and eat cheese fries. In either case, I'm not freaking doing any freaking laundry freaking tonight.


HollyLynne said...

and you want another kid . . .right? cause MAN, for all that, they'd better be REALLY FREAKIN' AWESOME when they're not sick :)

Domesticrazy said...

They are VERY freaking awesome when they're not sick. And for every moment you have when you look at your new life, where you no longer get to decide when things are going to be done, or are able to lay down when you are tired, etc, there are those moments when they hug you or sing a song about you, and you'd gladly get hit by a truck just to make them safe forever.