Friday, October 31, 2008

Wait for it...

If you ever want to know why I almost always buy the easy pattern, it's because I was able to make this in just over three hours last night. It goes past my feet, the sleeves are sparkly and it's so comfortable to wear! The lack of excellent pictures is due largely to the herd of children wanting to "help" me take the picture.

And squee! It's super early, so we kind of want to be cautious, but John and I are both kind of over the moon anyway. So, that's a no go on the drinking tomorrow night. Hooray!!!!!!

And sorry to everyone, I've used all the exclamation points again.

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! And have a great weekend. Yay yay yay!


HollyLynne said...


Oh my gosh, I am SO EXCITED for you!!! HOORAY FOR NOT DRINKING!!! :D I'm pretty sure there's nothing about pregnancy that should prohibit chocolate eating, and thats the real point of Halloween anyhow (says me as I eat M&M's for breakfast. Really, chewing as I type!)


HollyLynne said...

PS: My mom says congrats too :)

Domesticrazy said...

Thanks! And tell your Mom I said thanks, too! Mmmm, M&M's for breakfast. I totally just squidged the mini M&Ms and two Kit Kats from E's candy. John calls this my Freegan Holiday.

I'm really looking forward to some grilled cheese sandwiches. I should have known I was all knocked up, craving cheese the way I have been!

I hope you and your Dude have a great time with the Vampire Wine and movie! That sounded like an awesome Halloween to me. I'm off to watch an anthology from our 50 Horror Movie box set while drinking Tension Tamer Tea and Veggie broth. So. Exciting.

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