Monday, November 24, 2008

Feelin so bad I feel good

Every day seems to go through a pattern now: starving, eat, extremely nauseous, starving, repeat. Throw in random exhaustion and you've got my weekend in review. This is actually a very good thing, because it means that I'm still pregnant. So I'm feeling like crap and happy about it.

I have Yoga tonight, which might be a bit of a challenge. Last week, when I wasn't feeling as bad I had to keep stopping and taking drinks of water; Downward Facing Dog seems to be a big puke trigger for me. So I'm interested to see how tonight goes. I'm going to take it really easy!

Tomorrow is my next OB appointment. I'm looking forward to seeing how much bigger the little one is, and seeing that reassuring heartbeat. My appointment is at 1:15, so expect an update sometime after that.

In the craft section of this post, I bought some fleece over the weekend to make some plush presents for our little family members. I also bought some shrink wrap that you can shrink with a hairdryer to wrap the soaps and things I'll be making baskets and gift sets out of. I've shredded magazines to make the raffia for the baskets and boxes, I've made recycled magazine bows for on top. I've quite a bit left to do, like putting the soaps together, cutting and packaging the other soaps, finishing sewing, etc. John's going to do some cooking to help with the handmade gift giving, which takes some of the pressure off me.

Last but not least, I didn't post recipes because reading them made me sick. So I'm going to copy and send them, and then we'll both be happy!

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HollyLynne said...

awww, don't post anything that might make you barf, for sure!! i could use some of your crafty packaging ideas right now . . . i just got accepted into my first craft fair and the whole display thing is making me panic a little. I'm going to do some deep breathing and michales shopping tonight and maybe i'll have something half decent to post tomorrow. good luck w/ your ob!!