Friday, November 14, 2008

Have you ever heard of pregnant brain?

Pregnant brain is when you become pregnant and suddenly lose the ability to think, remember what you were or are doing, and can not finish a sentence. If you think you are already like this, believe me, it gets worse!

Take, for instance, that I COMPLETELY BELIEVED that I had posted the results of yesterday's OB visit. Sorry to keep you in suspense! THERE WAS A HEART BEAT!!! I could even see it! That is a really good sign, folks. Really good. The doc measured the yolk sac (Straight from my body to your plate!), the embryo size and the heart rate and they were all where they were supposed to be. The pregnancy is high in the uterus, again good, and my ovaries look fine. I'm 6 weeks along, due July 6. WooT!

To celebrate I got myself some of my favorite hummus from a local Greek joint. It's the kind of hummus I could lay down and roll around in; so full of garlic some of our friends can't eat it. After having some all life forms avoid you for days. It's great! I then drove to the Humane Society and decided on E's kitten. Otherwise known as the K-I-T-T-E-N around here. I chose the one without the heart murmur, only because the staff said that the kitten might not do well in stressful situations. 6 kids might be stressful. So I chose Stormy (soon to be re-named, I'm positive) who is mostly white, with various spots of different types of tiger. She's about 10 weeks old, pictures to be posted this weekend. I can't wait to see E's face tonight! The current cat, however, may not look so pleased.

Let's see, lastly, Bertha konked out on me last night. She keeps getting big tangles in her bobbin area, and I don't know what to do. I've tried everything I know, and am going to search all of the available internets for advice today. My fear is that I have adjusted her into needing servicing. HELP! Please, if you know anything about this problem, leave me a tip in the comments. I feel like an idiot.

Well, I'm off to eat. I keep forgetting to do that too, as odd as it sounds. Which leads to me being woozy. So I'm going to find something that sounds good, slam it down, and get the kids down for nap. Then I set up E's room for kitten! I hope you have a great weekend, and if you're feeling share-y, let me know what you're doing. We're having the Official Birthday Party for a certain 3 year old. And I'm going to a craft show with my friend Karen. And sleep. Lots of sleep.


HollyLynne said...

You know whats awesome? I was just telling Paul last night about pregnant brain and how much fun I'm bound to be. And then there you go and confirm it!! I'm thrilled to hear that your visit went so well (i WAS worried). If your wee can hold out for 2 extra days then s/he and Paul will share a birthday :) And speaking of, I can't wait to see photos from E's birthday! This kitten sounds totally adorable. As for Bertha . . .when mine does that its usually because he bobbin is wound wrong . . . maybe your bobbins are bent or something? could you get a new one and try that? I'm sure you totally have already . . . its like when IT tells you to 'restart your computer' ... but "rewind / replace the bobbin" is all i've got :(

Domesticrazy said...

Good idea. The bobbin is plastic, so I don't think its bent, but I didn't try a new one. At this point I'll try anything! I did try a bunch of bobbin wranglin' last night, but I'll try again tonight. I have the feeling we're going to the shop tomorrow, though.

Heh, "Have you tried restarting? Yes? Then press Ctrl Alt Delete for me, OK? Not responding? Then try a hard restart and call me back." Not having to deal with smarmy IT guys is SUCH a boon!