Monday, November 3, 2008

Helping through craft

I'd like to share something with you today: The Caps to Cap-Haiti project through Mama to Mama. Here's the Soule Mama link. For a long time I've been looking for a way to help children and mothers through craft, and Soule Mama has provided that opportunity. Please go check out the site, and if you feel like it, make a cap or two. I'm going to make a few caps to send on, and hope that Mama to Mama keeps giving me ideas and opportunities to help. If you know of anything else along these lines, please leave a comment with the info!

I really believe that we can change the world, one small gesture at a time. It takes a long time, and change is slow, painful and rife with setbacks, but it can and does happen. I want nothing more to be a part of positive change and to help children. Also, to sleep for three days straight.

Off to referee...

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