Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pretty Happy Silly

So, Halloween rocks. I have pictures to share, but it just hit 8 am and it is way too early for me to mess. Instead, go check out Beans, who gave her blog a face-lift and has some GORGEOUS pictures of her quilting. I don't quilt, but her stuff makes me, well, not wish I did, but wish that she'd make me stuff to cover all my furniture. Now that was an awkward sentence.

I have lots of material left over from my costume, albeit in odd shapes. Its so pretty that I'm going to use it to make some hats. Ahh, let me share with you. When I was looking for Newsboy hat patterns I came across this site, which has a free download for customizable patterns. You can purchase something through them that I'm sure rocks, but the free download is a great start. It's under "free demo." If you're going to make a Newsboy hat, please change the hat band from 6 inches. John looked like he was wearing a red corduroy muffin until I fixed it. BEWARE! The pattern was easy to follow, and took me less than an hour to make all told. And it looks great!

In knocked up info for you and me, when you are pregnant it feels like you're getting early cramps, but nothing happens. So, you breeders, you are warned. Store the info for later use. Also, my back fucking hurts right now. I think it may be because this is pregancy # never mind, but dude! Too early for back ache. Seriously.

And funny for your weekend: this and this and this. Have a lovely weekend!


HollyLynne said...

Oh my gosh that Sarah Palin / riding dinosaurs thing is THE AWESOME!!!

And thank you for the whole cramps explanation cause MAN . . .that would freak me out if I didn't know!!!

(PS: I almost just posted this as Paul. How awesome would that have been?)

Domesticrazy said...

If Paul started getting cramps on my blog I would LAUGH and LAUGH!