Monday, November 10, 2008

Whole lotta love

I had a dream last night that I was making a fabric post card and the fabric wouldn't stick to the Pellon no matter how much I ironed. Luckily, when Beck taught me how to make fabric postcards this weekend that didn't happen. Holy cow, those things are cool! They're easy, fun, only take a little time and are beautiful when done. I'm going to make some to give as Christmas gifts. Beck helped me make one that I hung in my sewing room, and she made one for E that she proudly put beside her bed. She told all her friends about her special aunt Beck who came to see her over the weekend, too. Obviously we had a great time!

We went to JoAnn, Target and the quilting fabric store Saturday morning. For lunch I introduced Beck to Mediterranean food, thus forcing her to eat new and healthier food once again. (Fantastic brand has hummus and Falafel, Beck) Unfortunately we couldn't go to the zoo because E has decided to start having accidents. She peed her pants every day last week, and it culminated in John asking her if she needed to go to the potty. She said "no" and then immediately peed her pants. So Beck and I took a nap and then we went out for South Indian food. We watched Fido (OMG so good!) Saturday night, and you need to see it. Trust us.

Beck, who rocks so hard it makes continents shake, also gave my sewing machine some lovin'. Bertha is now running much smoother, and I know a lot more about my machine. For someone who has been sewing off and on since I was 13 or so, I sure do have a lot to learn! Thank goodness I have a Bean to help!

Sunday was also the Memorial Service for Rob Herold. E ended up having a low grade fever (we didn't find out untiil later that night) and did insanely well despite it. I found out a lot about Rob I didn't know, things like he held 21 patents, and when his wife asked him to marry her he asked if she could cook before he'd answer. (She said no, he said yes anyway.) The best thing I heard at the service was from a pin his eldest daughter found in his apartment after he dies. It said: "Is it true? Is it kind? Will it help?" It's my new mantra. What a wonderful way to live.

Rob's wife Ruth was there. I'd never asked about Ruth, knowing she was either in full dementia or had Alzheimer's just by talking to her. The details seemed unimportant, because it didn't change the way we treated her. We would just keep re-introducing ourselves, listen to the same stories over and over again, laughing when we were supposed to, and giving Ruth lots of hugs. The blessing in disguise, and also slightly heartbreaking part of the service was that Ruth had no idea what was going on. When I gave her a hug she told me how much fun she was having, getting all these hugs. She was full of smiles and laughter, which was sweet and sad and lovely. It must be hard for her kids to have lost their mother one way and their father another. But I'm glad Ruth was doing OK, after 62 years to be alone would be the scariest thing I can imagine.

I was most impressed by the love the family had. They were all as sweet and gentle as Rob was, and Ruth must have been. I hope I can be that kind of person and that kind of parent. Between having Beck in town and seeing the love of the Herold family, I'm recharged. Which is good, because I'm so tired I could fall asleep at any minute. Boobs still hurt, too. Hopefully we'll have more love to spread around here, with the addition of a new Wee and the kitten. Man, I'm rambling again. Anyway, spread some love today. Be nice to someone who's rude, smile at someone who seems to need it. I'm going to try to do the same when I go buy party stuff for my big girl tonight. How did she get so big?

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