Monday, December 8, 2008


A few things that have been on my mind:

First, Schuyler. The little girl who is fighting a huge monster might have started having absence seizures, which is a scary and potentially horrible thing for her family. Please keep them in your thoughts. Such an honest and wonderful and open family needs some love right now, and the kicker is there's nothing we can really do but think of them. I've never met Rob or Julie or Schuyler, except in my dreams last night, but I've been reading about them for years. It's odd, feeling so close to someone that you don't know and who doesn't know you. It's also wonderful, because Schuyler and her parents have a lot of support from people they've met briefly or not at all, and while that's not a cure for Schuyler, it's a lot of love her way. Ah, hell, I wish I could hug her and slay that monster for her, dammit.

Second, this post has been on my mind since I read it. I have no idea who she's talking about, but it made me go back and look at my writing. I use this blog as a place to vent, to talk about my interests, and to keep up with people I've never met, or know very well. Most of all, I use this as a way to pour out the millions of things I have to say daily but there is no one here to hear. Sure, there are toddlers, but you'd be surprised at the stuff you can't say to the under 5 set. All the same, it made me I say things that are mean sometimes? Even if it's not intentional? Probably. I have a dark and sarcastic streak a mile wide, but it's never meant to hurt anyone. It's also not really meant to be seen my the person I need to vent about, which is why very few people I know know about this place. So I'm torn between having this place where I let loose about what I need to, and the fact that it's a public place whether I advertise it or not. Do I want to hurt anyone? No, no I don't. But I also need to get the crap out of my brain sometimes. I'll be thinking about this for awhile.

Third, I'm losing one of my clients. The economy hit this family pretty hard, and they have more pay cuts coming. They apparently also spent their savings on their last vacation, which blows my mind. Therefore they are moving their kids to a daycare with a sibling discount ( I only have one of the little ones) and to a place that is uncertified. Unlicensed. A place that has had quite a few family problems, not the least of which included the children wandering down the street crying and saying that they "couldn't find their parents." These same children have also vandalized a few backyards. I hope that things are going better for them now, and that this whole thing works out for everyone involved. I'm worried about the little one I love, but I'm also hopeful that the new situation will help her bond with her brother, give her a routine and help with the myriad of behavioral problems she has.

On one hand, this leaves me with one less problem-her behavior and random schedule. Also, who to cut once the baby arrives. On the other hand, it also leaves me one full time slot short, and I know that one kid is going to part time after I pop. So I need to find one full time non-infant. I'm hoping word of mouth will do the trick. I'm also sad that we're losing a member of the family, as much as she is. She's a sweet, crazy, happy little girl and I'm glad she lives close, because watching her grow up has been so much fun so far. I guess I just want to see her do well, which is why I both worry and am hopeful about the new place she's going. Meh, I'm blathering on now.

OK, so this was going to be a craft show post. If not tonight, then tomorrow. It was a great show, and my butt still hurts from the metal seats. How's that for a teaser? Guess how much I made and leave it in the comments. Closest one wins a prize!


HollyLynne said...

Convo me on Etsy and I'll tell you who it was and what they said :) It honestly wasn't even that bad, it just set my sappy, pms-y self off. For the record, I haven't ever read anything from you that I would consider mean (my hypersensitivity and all!)

Good luck with the clients! And I can't wait to see photos from your fair. I have no idea how much you made . . I am so craft fair retarded I couldn't even guess. I hope its LOTS though!

Beans said...

becky as dr evil.... 1 milion dollars