Friday, December 26, 2008

I'm still worn out from the past two days

Since you were dying to know, the lasagna thing went just fine. It tasted great, we ALL ate it (with no friggin comments from either side) and in general had a splendid time. My parents are off tomorrow to their cabin in North Carolina until Jan. 4th. We are home and alone today, which is wonderful. I tried to clean and re-organize the kitchen, wore myself out, took a nap and am now trying to get the gumption up to continue. This kid seems to have a straw that goes directly to my energy, and he/she sucks it right the hell out. I'd love to sleep for DAYS! But the crap overflowing off every flat surface in the kitchen calls to me.

The Christmas Eve celebration went well; E got a barn with animals and a farmer from her Aunt and Uncle (my sister and her boyfriend), and when she saw the big box it came in her face was priceless. Just imagine a 3 year old getting a present as big as she is, and you can imagine the look. Unfortunately, this kind of took all the "umpf" out of X-mas morning for us, because the girl was tired, there weren't as many presents as there were at Grandma's, and did I mention tired? Tired makes her surly. She left out a banana, a carrot and a cookie for Santa, along with milk. She was not impressed that most of it was gone; some was left. And on and on. She was actually pissed that Santa didn't come say hello to her. Today's been great, though, so John and I are pretending it's still X-mas, and E has been a champ.

Tomorrow we're heading off to Hocking Hills for a day trip to go hiking. It's supposed to be, no shit, 70 here. E is so excited she's been bouncing around and talking to Frosty about hiking all day! It's going to be beautiful there; I can't wait, either.

Present round-up: John got Guitar Hero, The Nuggets Box Set, A four pack of Habenero sauces and a cryptozoology t-shirt from me. E got a lap desk and elf pencils made out of sticks (not impressed), a panda shirt, a pooh computer game for toddlers and a basketball. I think there was one more, but my brain is fighting me. John got me a AeroGarden, which is the coolest hydroponic garden ever! It's also too big to fit under the cabinets in our kitchen, so we're figuring out where to put it. There was also a Wii Fit! Woot! I can't wait to see what my BMI is while preggers. And if there's no pregnant option, I'm looking forward to watching my Mii get fatter and fatter. (We told E about her impending big sister-hood, by the way. Again, not impressed.) I also got some maternity clothes, along with a tiny onsie that has a Franken-Fish on it. Too cute. And my Mom gave me a solar powered charger, which is something I love and didn't even know that I'd wanted. My Mom is the best.

I hope your holiday was wonderful, too! I'd love to hear what your favorite gift was, and if you got anything that made you wonder about the people you love. I'm off to conquer the pantry while John rocks out with Guitar Hero. Talk to you soon!

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HollyLynne said...

I have been coveting the Aero Garden FOR-EVA! If yours turns out well, maybe I'll cave and buy one! Which Nuggets did John get? Did I ever mention that I used to work for Rhino? I might've licensed some masters on that baby :)