Wednesday, December 17, 2008


OK, internets, my lack of posting has not been due to the tired, which is severe. I woke up last Friday to a dead modem. DEAD. Verizon sent us a new one, but it didn't get here until last night. I had to go out X-mas shopping like people do. China is everywhere! I managed to avoid most of it, and even got a lot of stuff made by Tibetans, but it was still a rushed and harrowing experience. I'm too damn tired and sick to get anything made right now, and with Etsy out of my reach my handmade holiday goal went up in flames. Tons will still be handmade, just not all of it like I'd hoped. Heck, I'm OK with that as long as baby is doing good!

John and I go for the 12 week ultrasound and Big Check-Up on Monday. This is where the Doc will check to see if there are any nueral tube defects visible, make sure baby is growing fast enough, etc. It's a big one because this is when we found out our first baby wasn't going to make it after birth. Which is why John is going with me. Everything's probably fine, but having my best friend and husband with me will be very reassuring! I'd like to have Beck there, too, but there's only so much of me she needs to see, if you get my drift.

Um, wow. I was going crazy with things to write about when the modem was dead. Now I'm blank. And I need to change a diaper, based on the smell that just wafted by. So, I'll talk to you later. To poop and gingerale!


Beans said...

You know I would be there if I could. I've had it marked on my calendar since you told me so I have been thinking of you and will make sure I send a special shout out to the fertility goddess that morning.
China sucks.

HollyLynne said...

I hope everything goes well on Monday, I'll be thinking good thoughts for you!
And what is UP, Internets?! You must be so ticked at your modem.