Sunday, December 7, 2008

Week 10

OK, to curb the constant preggo chatter, I think I'm going to do a weekly update. I might slip a bit in here or there on other days, but really, how much about my gestation do you need to know? Doing this will hopefully get me back to talking about the stuff I'm making more often. And on that note, tomorrow will be dedicated to the craft show I went to on Friday! (Preview: Super Fun! Kinda cold! Made some money!) So forgive my tiny brain. I don't know for what. I'm nauseous.

Week 10~ Nosebleeds. I have two in the past 5 days. Part of the problem is dry air, but just a bit. Mostly it's that I'm generating more blood, and my nose isn't cool with that. I had a bunch last time, too. I'm MUCH less freaked out this time, knowing that it isn't some sort of crazy sign that something is wrong. Nope! By the second trimester you have roughly double the volume of blood in your body. Sometimes you spring leaks.

Another fun development is the headaches. I get one nearly ever evening, and they usually accompany some fairly debilitating nausea. While pregnant your choice of pain reliever is Tylenol. I'd prefer Vicodin, based on my headaches, but I stick with Tylenol because I'm not an idiot. It usually takes the edge off, so that I can lay groaning on the couch in more comfort. I seem to get sick if I don't eat often enough, don't eat enough or I eat too much. Also, if I eat The Wrong Thing. Sometimes I know what The Wrong Thing is after one bite, or by smell, but sometimes I find out after. Which sucks. I'll leave you to imagine the details.

The good news is that I now have a bump! I'll post pictures once I get to twelve weeks, but I look way more pregnant than I am. I bought maternity pants over the weekend, and I want to sleep in them. Except for one thing: Be Warned Breeders! Maternity clothes do not contain pockets. I have no idea why, but once you become pregnant you are no longer expected to carry things on your person. I've spent the past to days in a futile effort to stash my chap stick and a tissue for the next nosebleed. I'm pretty sure a thin, misogynistic man designs maternity clothes. Hey dude! My boobs fit into nothing you've designed! Screw you! Stupid dick.

We've decided to tell E about her sibling status for Christmas, providing everything looks good at the 12 week ultrasound Dec 22. One of my friends has also promised to help me make a doll for E to bring home from the hospital like the girl does in one of her old favorite stories, "Baby Dearest." It's not as creepy as it sounds, honest.

OK, I've gotta go. Evening sickness. To the toilet!

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HollyLynne said...

that is so sweet about telling E for christmas! And although I can appreciate the creepiness, I think sending her home from the hospital w/ a baby doll of her own is such a perfect idea.