Monday, December 22, 2008


As you might have guessed by the title, today's visit went well. Our baby has a fully formed skull, brain is doing well, and my official due date is July 4th. Two arms, two legs, head, ass and umbilical cord all present and accounted for! WOOOOOO!!

I have been cleared to take Excedrin Migraine for the headache I have had since Thursday, thank christ. It was resistant to Tylenol Extra Strength, which is the equivalent of taking baking soda and pop rocks. For the first time in nearly 5 days I don't feel like the next loud noise could incite me to either suicide or violence. Hurrah!

OK, so details. I don't want to eat at night. My food aversions right now seem to be everything except blood orange Italian soda, pretzels and occasionally ice cream. I ate a Frosty today and was amazed at how different those things taste after 4 years. And the fries? They sucked. I'll try again in 4 years, maybe they'll be good again. But once it hits 6:30 I want no food. In two to three weeks that will hopefully be gone, but we'll have to wait and see.

The OB told me to stay on Lexapro, which I'm not sure about. The other two docs highly recommend I wean off after 12 weeks, and I trust those ladies more than this old guy, so I'm going to talk to John and do some research, but my plan is to wean down for two weeks, see how I do, then wean down again. To nothing. Old dude may not be happy about it, but it's my body and my baby, and he's the douche that prescribed Welbutrin for anxiety while I was nursing E . (Very. Bad. Idea.) In short, I do not trust him with medication.

Baby stats: Size of a lime! Brain is presumably fully formed, hands and feet are kicking. Baby was stubbornly napping when we got to see it. The doctor kept poking my belly, which made me laugh, and eventually the baby woke up and basically did the turn-over-and-grunt thing. which was hilarious to see. At one point, trying to get the little peanut to move, the doctor poked with the ultra sound wand. The one in the sensitive area. (Still internal at this point folks.) Which led to not only an awkward and unpleasant feeling, it also made me pee my pants right there. Which would have served him right, I think. Ugh is the only thing I can say about that point of the exam. And bleck.

We're going to tell E about her impending sisterhood for Christmas. I can't wait! Well, it's time to light Hanukkah candles. Happy holidays, and hopefully pics tomorrow!


HollyLynne said...

It made me so happy to read this post! HOORAY!!! I'm so excited for you :) I have a chocolate covered strawberry sitting on my desk and I just thought "hey, thats prolly about the same size as D-crazy's baby! :D

Domesticrazy said...

Smaller, actually. Baby is lime sized! So have a margarita for me, and help me celebrate my tangy offspring.

I can't believe your wedding is in two months, incidentally. Can't wait to hear you're knocked up, too!