Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WTF, 12/24?!

I have no idea how the hell it's Christmas Eve. I still need to make my sister's apron (by tonight-my family celebrates on the Eve, extended family on the day) and her necklace. Not everything is wrapped, and I have one of the kids today. All day. Luckily John's only supposed to work a half day, so we may just get it done. Maybe. Shit.

To top off the X-mas insanity, everywhere else in the freaking world is getting snow, except us. Los Vegas? Seriously? Our high today is 49, tomorrow is 26. And it's supposed to rain all day, which means driving in an icy wonderland! I'll try to take some pictures as we do donuts on the way to Grandma's house. I wish I was kidding.

In other holiday related news: John is Frosty, according to E. She's been missing him, since it's the end of the month and year, and he's been working late. Last night she threw a huge fit and then fell asleep at the kitchen table waiting for him to get home. He ended up getting there just in time for bed, and I've never seen a girl so happy to see her Daddy. It was very sweet, even with the screaming beforehand. (Note: three is loud, volatile and fierce. Also so sweet it kills you.) We are also having some X-mas day food issues, which are going to drive me over the edge. My Dad made a lasagna for us, so we wouldn't have to bring our own food. Except he may not have used vegan cheese, so John has an issue with it. Which is irritating my father, who was just trying to do something nice. I am in the middle; I'm not vegan while pregnant. And I am willing to make exceptions if I don't purchase the offending dairy. During Passover there is a prayer you say that is supposed to make any remaining bread in the house "just as if it were unleavened." I use this idea for things like the damn lasagna Dad made. John, whom I love beyond reason, is not so flexible. He's really an all-or-nothing guy, and he is stubborn as a freaking mule. So tonight we may have a pleasant scene where I watch the people I love try not to piss each other off with limited success. People, drink for me tonight!

Is anyone else craving peanut butter at 2 am every morning?

The kitten has been chasing the old cat around mercilessly for days. One of them is going to snap soon. Poor old kitty.



Paul said...

we celebrate on xmas eve too, and YES i will drink for you! I'm on your side in the lasagna battle, just for the record ;)

HollyLynne said...

Paul being ME, of course.