Saturday, January 31, 2009

2 years, the better edition

Wow! I was in a bad place last night. I'm feeling much better now, thanks to a good talk with my husband, a sweet and funny little offspring and a good night's sleep.

My job is extremely stressful, for the reasons I mentioned last night. It's also rewarding, and fun, and wonderful. I think I've been having a "can't see the forest for the trees" sort of problem, and John just happened to pick the right moment last night to point that out. He's a great guy, really. So in addition to a change in attitude, I'm also going to move some furniture around on Super Bowl Sunday. That should keep John busy while he's waiting for the game to start. Have I mentioned he's from the Pittsburgh area? Yep. And he's decided every time I'm knocked up or have just given birth that the Steelers will win the Super Bowl. Our friend wants to capitalize on this theory with a series of four to five bets. I told him 1) to talk to John about that, and 2) to blow it out his ass. Because I'm not sure how many more pregnancies I can take. It's not the pregnant part so much as the getting pregnant and staying that way. Oh, and the hoard of children my pregnancies would produce. Dude. Hair is already going white. Nuh uh.

In unrelated (isn't it always?) news, I took E to get her first hair cut last night. It was at a local chain store, but I don't think she would have been any more impressed with an actual fancy pants beauty salon. It had to be a beauty salon, by the way, because the poem said "barber shop," and that, therefore, is where they might cut off your ear while cutting your hair. We both got our hair washed, and then I got my hair cut first. By the time I was done, she was making faces in the dual wall of mirrors, talking up a storm and saying "I think I DO want to get my hair cut, Mama!" She did a fantastic job! On the way home we stopped and bought her some new headbands, since she goes through them in droves. She loves wearing several at the same time, too. She came home so excited and proud, as did I. I even saved a lock of hair, because I am that nuts. John almost cried. We are a sappy bunch, sometimes. The woman who cut her hair warned me that the curls, now free from 3 years of split ends, would bounce and curl even more. She was right. kid looks like a lion again! I forgot to take a picture...I know. You're shocked. But I will get one, and show you the cub. This morning she asked if we could go get our hair cut agian. And if I could get my hair cut like her best friend's mom. Daddy, she informed me, already has his hair cut like the dad's. So he was OK.

In a few moments I'm off for my massage! My Mom is running a more than typical nearly hour late this morning, so I hae a feeling we're not going to make it to lunch before the salon. Ah, well. Maybe after. Either way, I'm geeked to spend a few hours with my Mom and sister, who came into town just for our girl's day. I hope your weekend is fun and relaxing...

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