Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bait and switch

Today has been like this:
I can get to Yahoo, but not to Yahoo Mail to check my email.
I can get to All and Sundry, but not Dooce.
I can get all the day care kids to get along, but my child had a 45 minute fit because music was on.
I can hear the heartbeat of the baby, and feel it kick, but that damn doctor said something along the lines of "I know I said we'd do an ultrasound and find out if this is a boy or girl this time, but now I think it's too early." Which translates, for those of you not in the office with me, into "I have this attractive young intern with me and I've just had my eyebrows waxed, so I don't feel like doing this right now."

I'm disappointed, to say the least. There was a point today, before the OB even, when I was so frustrated that I wanted to call John and just start swearing at him. Not because of anything he did, mind you, just because it would have been so cathartic to just start yelling and swearing at someone, and it's not nice to call random strangers and do so. Instead I bought myself some caffeine free coke on the way home and called it even.

Oy. Well, the baby's heartbeat was 150 and 153. Mine was in the mid 60's. As soon as the fetal heartbeat monitor thingie touched my belly, the baby kicked! Apparently the thingie, as well as ultrasounds, sound something like an F-15 flying next to your head. I would have kicked, too.

This morning John grabbed a baby name book from the Library. We seem to have sold ours, or given it away, after E. Someone had marked names in it, so we had fun waiting for the OB by looking at the previous holder's choices. (Let me just say as an aside here, that if you have ever been to Dayton, Ohio, you would not want to name your child after it.) Some interesting choices were made, such as Keegan, and Kelvin. Quinn, Lane, Merritt, Wade and Xavier were also marked. We made a game of putting the names together. It passed the time.

Well, I'm beat. I'm going to spend two hours on the phone with Verizon later tonight, so I better get my rest. Hope your day is going great!

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HollyLynne said...

nooooooooo!!!!!! but i wanted to know noooooowwwwwww!!!!! :P

that is such a crappy ending to a crappy day. but the name book does sound like a riot, i'd have paid EXTRA for the prior user's markings!