Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bump in the night

Our internets are acting funky today ~ I can only get to Blogger sites and the main page of Yahoo. Which is frustrating, because starting your day off with POE News really is the way to go. John thinks it's because of all the sports this weekend. I don't care why, there should be plenty of internet for all of us. Need to visit LOL cats!

I have some very lovely news: I felt our Wee Baby last night! It's really, really early, but I was laying on my tummy, and I felt the push-back. There's no other feeling like it. It's just like there's a very tiny leg pushing on the inside of your body! I felt a couple of bumps, then passed out. (It had been a long, hard night of Guitar Hero in co-op mode. I was beat.) But I cried a little before I fell asleep, because, well, the happy! My little Nutter Butter is doing fine, deliciously fine.

Today I have the first of 3 knitting classes. This is the 101 class, and the last two Saturdays in January I have the 201 classes. I may finally be able to purl! After I get home E is off to her first sleep-over. I'm wondering how that's going to go. My guess is tomorrow she's going to be a demon, but I'm so happy she gets to spend the night with her best buddy anyway. My little girl is getting so very big! Time keeps on slippin, into the future....

Hope you have a good weekend!

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HollyLynne said...

WOW! That is so amazing . . .that you can actually feel the kicking even at the itty bitty nutter butter stage. So freaking cool!