Friday, January 2, 2009

Echos and waiting

I'm guessing that all the people that leave comments are on a vacation, because my typing is echoing over here. Enjoy yourselves! I'm lonely on the internets...

Enough whining. Let's talk about sewing machines and my lack of patience. Once I make up my mind, I really stink at waiting to do what I've decided to do. John can wait for days, months or longer, as evidenced by his waiting 10 years for me to agree to date him. I decided to date him and informed him the next day. I though I showed incredible patience by not telling him we were on a date until it was over, so you can see the difference in our styles. All this is leading up to the Great Sewing Machine Purchase:

I've been thinking about upgrading my machine for nearly a year. Just before Christmas I got serious about it, and started looking at what was available. I initially started with the Husky line, specifically the Emerald 183. It was the closest to the discontinued machine I wanted, but it starts at $500, which was more than I wanted to spend. The big seller on the machine was the number of stitch options and the alphabet. I later found out that the alphabet sucks, and is mainly intended for labels. The sales person then pointed out the Brother machines, which now have a lot of combo embroidery/sewing options. The machine she was trying to sell me on was the 900 D, but again the price was too high ~ $600! It's a really lovely machine, but I just can't bring myself to spend that much. That, and the amount of time it would take me to save up that amount would kill me. Kill. So I went online, called around to local Brother dealers, and finally found a machine online that I can deal with price wise, has what I need but not too much, and has the option to upgrade with embroidery options later.

I introduce the Brother SE 350! The problem now is that I do not want to save up for the machine. I'd rather use my credit card and pay it off early. That would be my lack of patience asserting itself again. I've made up my mind; why wait? On the other hand, my current machine still works, what's the hurry? Meh. The internal haggle is driving me crazy! What would you do?

And now, Baby Update! We're almost at the end of 13 weeks, and the internet has informed me that my baby is now the size of a Nutter Butter. Last week it was a small lime, so I'm not sure who's dong this size thing, or what they're smoking. But that whole Nutter Butter thing made me hungry, and does every time I mention it. In fact, I'm hungry a LOT right now. The nausea is gone for the most part, although food aversions are not. I'm not sure exactly what I don't want until I hear or smell it, but I know what I do want: everything else. Last night while I was laying down to go to sleep I made a list of foods I'd like to eat, and it was long and luxurious. There was a lot of ice cream and potato items, as well as cheeses, salads, hummus, garlic and chocolate. No eggplant, though. Eggplant and okra are evil right now.

I have more energy when I'm awake, but I could sleep 18 hours a day and still be happy. E has started talking to my tummy, but only in a funny deep voice, so that the "baby will know I'm silly!" Could I love her more? She has also decided that while I have a baby in my tummy, she has a kitten. I'm not sure what to do with that, but I'd rather deal with kitten in tummy that how the baby got in my tummy right now. John's been getting teary eyed at little clothing again, which is sweet. He's also talking to my stomach, but in his regular voice. The almost daily "Giver her hell, kid!" is OK now that food is no longer my enemy. It's really cute watching my husband get all mushy again. He's E's hero right now, which he cherishes. Combined with knowing that a tiny munchkin is coming, the dude has become a squishy ball of happy.

I'm still nervous, mostly because it's too soon to feel the baby move, but I'm feeling better. In my head that means no big deal, but my hormones are screaming about how we don't know for sure that it's OK, maybe we should go call the doctor? Get another ultrasound? FIND OUT FOR SURE SOMEHOW? COME ON! It's kind of like standing in the middle of a see-saw, trying to keep it level. As time carries on it gets easier, which is the good news. The bad news is that I have a Wii Fit now, and the little bastard is going crazy warning me that I'm getting fatter. They really need to install a pregnant option! It's hilarious watching my Mii get fatter and fatter though. I can't wait to see it at nine months! If I can even get on the board at that point.

All in all, our 2009 has started out really well. I'm excited and happy, if a bit nervous, about our little one. I'm waiting, not a t all patiently, to find out if we've got a hamburger (girl) or hot dog (boy) so the name debate can begin. Not that it hasn't alreadt started, it just gets a bit more earnest after you narrow down the sex of the baby. And I'm really enjoying all the dreams about food; the chocolate chip cookie ones are my favorites.

Speaking of food, I've made myself ravenous. Also, would you like to see belly pics, or should we leave that better left to the imagination? Let me know!

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