Friday, January 16, 2009

Giving up and giving in

That's it.
Yesterday I handled the concussion extremely well.
I've been through a week of shootings and rumors.
I've been doing domestic work and keeping us running, except for dinner, mostly.
I've been dealing with teething, testing and tired.
I've been tired, too.
We've had snow, temperatures well below zero and ice storms this week.
Every day this week one of the boys has woken up from his nap screaming.
Today he woke up, started screaming and held his breath. He now has petechiae caused by his fit. This caused me to burst into tears.

This boy has done this since he was a baby, and it's OK. It has, however, been a long time since he has had it here. It's was just one thing too many.

Now, I can't smoke, drink, take most OTC or prescription drugs. That means stress relief is limited. I choose exercise and chocolate. At this point I don not care if I am sperm whale sized when this baby is born. I am going to self-medicate in the only way I have left.

What a fucking week, man.

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