Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hobbit Land!

I got a compliment on the pictures, which explains why there are so many today.

These are from our last trip to Hocking Hills. All of these are from the Old Man's Cave area. When we went, just after Christmas, it was on a crazy day when it suddenly went up to 71 degrees after some seriously chilly weather. The floor of the gorge was still cold and icy, when at the top people were wearing t-shirts and driving around with their windows down. Too cool.

With the weird weather, the mist and the rolling fog, the whole place was more of a fairy land than usual. We took a lot of pictures while pretending we actually were in an enchanted place. Can't say for sure we weren't.

I want to live in this place.

These are my bears!

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HollyLynne said...

Oh man, that place looks awesome! How neat that you have someplace so amazing nearby. I'm sure E and the new little one are going to have lots of great memories of visiting there.
Speaking of, have we a gender yet?!?!?!