Sunday, January 11, 2009

Hole in the ground

Forecast: no snow. Maybe ice.

Actual weather: Big snowflakes. No ice.


Also, I am not hungry. After weeks of total starvation no matter how much I ate, I now want nothing but light salad. I think the food at Russian Christmas killed me.

Second Trimester = excess saliva (read I drool when I read out loud and sleep now. Sexy!) I dream about monsters, food and sex. Nothing else. And no, not all at the same time. I am getting short of breath earlier this time, due to baby being positioned way the hell up my uterus. The tired is getting better, but I did a bunch of cleaning in my craft room today and now feel like I could pass out and sleep for days. Early bedtime ahoy!

Things to sew: Knitting needle holder. Table cloth and shower curtain for sister. Hot pad cover. Baby blanket (YAY!)

Tomorrow night I am going out to purchase a new shower caddy; there is nothing as fun as having rust in your soap every morning. The new caddy will not be made of material that rusts. I may also purchase organizational materials, i.e. storage bins and the like, but only if I am feeling kicky and they are cheap.

Any organizing hints and tips guys? I need some. On any topic. How do you store your crap?!


Karenina said...

Oh, right, you didn't see my room when you came over because I very specifically did not show it to you, because it is SO messy.

Just so you know, I store my crap on the floor and in bookshelves. And in tackle boxes when I feel motivated.

Domesticrazy said...

HOW DO YOU WALK?! ON YOUR FLOOR?! I have broken so many things that way, plus with the munchkin crew, well, crap is up now. If nothing else.

And you could show me your room! I can't promise not to laugh, but I am impressed that you had pillowcases!