Thursday, January 15, 2009

I hate teeth

3 kids are teething. All 5 are in a testing phase of development, although to be fair I'm not sure a child is ever not in a testing phase at some level.

The 18 month old boys have already broken a curtain rod today, and one of the two is in the playpen at all times. So they don't harm themselves or others. The girls are doing better, but to encourage this we'll be doing yoga next.

I got an email from my Mom this morning letting me know that our mortgage payment is going up around $50. (Long story-we have a private Mortgage Holder-not a bank. We are lucky!) The additional money is going to the schools, though, so I don't mind. It does mean that other things are getting reduced, though. It could be worse. We have things we can easily cut.

John was really late to work thanks to people who have no idea how to drive. He didn't have his cell phone, so I was worried. He's fine.

It's just going to be one of those days where it's frustrating. I hope it doesn't get to anything worse, but what can I do? I've made some calming pregnancy tea, I'm going to fold laundry, and with any luck naptime will go well. I did manage to get a lot done on my craft room last night, so I can hold on to that today.

May your day be serendipitous, and happy and joyful and all that great stuff. Because dude...

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