Saturday, January 10, 2009

Meteorolgists don't know their ass from a...

OR I could say they can't tell the difference between dandruff and snow. Russian X-mas was canceled due to the dire warnings about horrible weather. 3 to 5 inches, at the least, on the swath of earth between where we live and Uncle Fred lives. This mysteriously showed up yesterday morning on all the forecasts.

Fast forward to today: Nothing. No snow. No ice. It's not even mildly slippery out there. Now, universe, I appreciate the not having to drive, but COME ON. A token snow would have been nice.

Instead we had our own vegan Russian X-mas meal, made popcorn and watched Star Wars with E. It was her first time, and she is now R2D2. John is C-3PO, and I! I am Princess Leia. All my childhood dreams have come true.

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