Monday, January 12, 2009

Old school is out of style

Internets, there is a strong possibility that I will be changing OB/GYNs soon. This feels a bit like changing horses in the middle of a race, but I, for one, do NOT believe in "staying the course."
look where it got us in Iraq.

The only reason I am still with this dude, who is old, prescribes drugs for any and everything, and will talk to John instead of me if John is in the room, is because he found the serious neural tube defect in our first baby crazy early. There's his plus. Oh, and I have E. So call that 2.

On the other hand, after I had E he prescribed Welbutrin for anxiety. 1) Welbutrin does not treat anxiety. 2) I was breastfeeding. Welbutrin is not recommended for breast feeding mothers, WITH GOOD REASON. As we found out. It increases dopamine levels, which are your "get up and go" hormones. Now imagine a baby that can't sleep. The screaming was legendary.

When E was born, he started recommending suplementing with formula within a few minutes of walking into the room. Despite the fact that she was nursing fine, gaining weight (unusual) and doing fine in general. Strike 2, doctor man.

As our relationship has continued, he has advised me that "there is no reason not to go right back to work" after a miscarriage, he told me to stay on Lexapro while pregnant despite what all the other doctors and the drug manufactuer say, and etc.

The topper was today. I called for two reasons. The first was because I was feeling funky: dizzy, confused, like I could feel my heart everywhere, really tired. The second reason was to make sure that it was OK to take an Omega 3/DHA supplement, since I've been craving fish but do not wish to eat them. His response to my first concern: take some Tylenol PM and get some sleep. Call back on Friday if I don't feel better. His response to my second concern: Take some fish oil.

Fish oil. Which comes from fish. That die. I might as well eat the damn fish then, eh?

He doesn't get it. He doesn't listen. And I sure as hell can't trust him with medication. Why am I still waiting an hour every appointment to pay him? Because I am more afraid of the devil I don't know? I have no idea. I also have no idea why, with every other thing he has done that I haven't liked, why sleep and fish oil pushed me over the edge. Perhaps it was the amount of not listening to me, and discounting my basic principles. Don't get me wrong, if I needed to take fish oil, or eat fish, or freaking cow's tongues eyes and livers, for the baby's health, I would. But instead of a perfectly fine vegetqarian supplement? Fuck you, old man.

Incidentally, my Mom came over and took my blood pressure. It's high, for me. My blood pressure is crazy low/great most of the time, so the 120 reading made sense with the symptoms. She also kindly suggested that I consider looking for a new OB, since this guy wasn't doing so hot. Apparently she's been keeping score, too.

So there we go. John agrees, I'm just waiting to hear back from my beloved family doc to get the name and number of her OB. Then I'm going to start scheduling interviews. This is going to be interesting.


Karenina said...

Good! Get rid of any asshole who doesn't listen to you.

I was thinking about you today and sending hugs your way in a cosmic sense-- which is good, for you, because I was covered with clay a good chunk of the day.

Domesticrazy said...

Thanks, I needed them!

HollyLynne said...

TOTALLY agree. Get rid of him! This is your body and your pregnancy and YOU know best. You might not have decades of medical training, but you can certainly trust your gut feelings.