Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Post 255

Let me preface the following: I love my husband. Adore him. Couldn't live without him. However, the cop that came by yesterday to talk to every household in the neighborhood was so cute in his little floppy-eared cop hat that I almost tried to make out with him. I think those hormones are really starting to kick in.

Aside from my 10 second cop fantasy, the incident was pretty low key. The local police are trying to find anyone who saw anything, but there is so much construction going on in this area that we wouldn't know. He told me that there was nothing to worry about, and then in the next breath said to call immediately if I noticed anything unusual. Ah, floppy hatted cute man, you are so full of crap. But I'm happy you and your dudes are around, which is honestly the first time I have said that about the police. (Refer to any of my writings about college and my pastimes there if you have questions.) The story of the shootings and the associated oddness has been in the local media now, so my street is a minor celebrity. Maybe now they will freaking plow it.

We are coasting along at about 4.5 inches of snow, give or take in places. Another couple of inches expected tonight. I'm pulling for 6 to 10 and a level 3 snow emergency so that the kids will stay home and John can, too. Very little hope of that, but I'm an optimist. I'd really just like a low-key day at home with my family.

Have I mentioned that 3 of the 5 kids are teething right now?

Tonight my big plans are to work some more on the craft room. And go to bed. That's about it. You?

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Beans said...

Hmmmm maybe he moonlights as a stripper and you just didnt know it. I would still be freaking out with the po po around. I know the whole serve and protect thing is with best intentions.