Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Voting time! And pictures!

OK, let's tally votes so far:

friend Gwen

My Dad
friend Steph

On the fence:
My Mom

Put your guess in comments! I'll let you know as soon as I do...

I'm sitting here eating vanilla ice cream with magic shell and whipped cream. This is not a good idea at all since a stomach bug is making the rounds and I've been feeling rumbly. And yet. I can not stop the ice cream. In the winter. When it's in the single digit temperature arena. I'm a rebel!

Lazy me is currently uploading pictures to post. It's taking long enough that you'll probably see them tomorrow...but they are fabulous!(EDIT: more tomorrow. I had to put some in!) Well worth the wait, I promise. I'm also working on a sewn knitting needle roll made from a gorgeous black batik with rich rainbow tones. I saw a picture of one in a knitting magazine and it seemed like a good idea, especially since I can see a lone lost bamboo needle from where I am sitting. It's half under a table, almost under the couch. A neat pouch would stop this madness. And then, in six months, I can finally get around to posting a picture of that, too. I kid! I'm going to try to get both the case finished and the picture up by next week. Goals are good things to have, yes?

Thanks for comments! My fragile self esteem has been rebuilt. Perhaps I need a life.
EDIT: a few pictures to appease your need for pretty!


HollyLynne said...

I'm not gonna argue with little miss E, I vote boy!
You just reminded me of the existence of Magic Shell. I MUST HAVE SOME TOO! STAT!
Those photos are amazing, where the heck were you? Hobbit land?!

Domesticrazy said...

It looks like a magical fairy land, doesn't it? It's called Old Man's Cave, in Hocking Hills, Ohio. Every time we go there I am filled with the most wonderful sense of peace. I would live there if I could! I also wish I could post the sound, smells and feeling of that place. Just thinking about it makes me feel better...

Marlene said...

I say Girl!