Sunday, January 18, 2009

Waking up and weekend

Sorry if the past few posts haven't been...uplifting. At all. It's been mighty stressful round these parts. The good news is that I got a great night's sleep on Friday and woke up yesterday feeling much more sane than I have in a while. It might also have something to do with my return to sewing, and thus my return to sitting under the full-spectrum light for a few ours at a time. The skies here go gray in the winter. Clouds cover us from east to west, and stay that way from early December to late March. If we're lucky. From time to time we'll get a day where the sun breaks through for a few glorious hours! Usually on those days it's too damn cold outside to go stand in the sun, so we shiver by our windows and dream of summer.

We also spend this time going stir crazy. I can't imagine living somewhere the winter lasts longer. Like the very north or south of the globe. Cabin Fever? No. Cabin psychotic urges, I'm sure. And also? NO THANKS! I dream of moving to warmer zone sometimes, one where the growing season lasts for somewhere around 10 months. I'd miss the big snowstorms, sure. But the rest? I think I'd be just fine without having the stuff in my nose freeze on my way from the car to the house. In the garage. All of 12 steps. Uck.

In response to this winter yuck, the marketing people at gardening magazines have pushed their distribution way up, and I cracked and bought one a few days ago. It's wonderful and brutal: I'm sitting inside under covers, looking at pictures of gloriously green gardens and flowers, planning what I can put where and how long it will take to look the way I want. I plan out my herb and veggie gardens, because every year they are different and every year I have new bunnies and other animals to contend with, feed and outsmart. I dream of the bird feeders and baths I'd like to put, the trellis(es) I'd like to buy and what I'd like to climb them. I'm in a green growing haze of the good warm smells of dirt and flowers and freshly watered earth...and then I look outside.

It was snowing outside when I woke up this morning. We got another couple of inches overnight, which means that out of the two separate visits from friends we were supposed to get this weekend, we are getting none. Which stinks. On the bright side, however, it dean means I might get help with laundry and manage to get it all done! Which would be a miracle! i might also try and talk John into dinner or lunch out, but I wouldn't put any money on it. I hope you are basking in warm weather, or at least keeping warm. I'm gong to go put some covers on and start laundry.

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