Monday, January 19, 2009

Week 16, I've gone and chased you away, new plans

Have I been bumming you guys out? Sorry! Please come back, I have good stuff! I'll post pictures again! I'll write short stories! Wait! Where are you going?

Really, those are my plans. To get back to the craft side a bit more, to start posting pictures again (I've really just gotten lazy) and to post a few short stories that have been bumping around my tiny brain. You can skip those with no hard feelings, I'd just like to have them out there somewhere.

I started this journal as a way to vent. It changed and turned into a place to talk about crafting, because John could care less about sewing, knitting, embroidery, et all. Then it went back to vent, to life in general, and finally it has become crap falling out of my head. Let's try to regroup! I'm still going to baby post, though. Gotta.

Week 16!

This week the little one is the size of an avocado. Finger and toe nails are formed, and the neck position is straighter. Sex can be determined via ultrasound, which we are having Thursday. Tomorrow I am asking for formal guesses, but I'll accept them at any point. What do you think? I'm on the fence, Eleanor thinks a boy, John thinks a girl.

Hormone-wise, things are sticky. I'm having panic attacks again, but getting through them without meds. I've been crying at stupid things, which is normal for my condition. Smells! Oh, how I hate them. The diaper pail made me hork today. On the other hand, Ice Cream! With whipped cream. Oh, oh how I love them. Add hot fudge magic shell...mmmm...

Have I mentioned I'm breaking out like a 15 year old before her first date? It might have something to do with the last 4 sentences of the above paragraph. I do not care. Ice cream...

I've felt the baby move a bit, but I know it's just starting. Today I was surprised awake during nap time by a phone call and felt the baby kick in response. Hee hee! I love those. If you ever want to see something funny, watcha newborn when its mother sneezes. The little one will skrunch up! Good luck organizing that, but still, if you ever get the chance, it's hilarious.

Boobs: huge and tender. I'm officially making colusturum at this point. E has been accidentally beating them constantly, so I've taken to wearing a sport bra with extra protection. She's also been telling the baby she hopes it has a good nap, too, which melts me. She's going to be a great big sister!


HollyLynne said...

EEK! I cannot wait to know!!! C'mon, Thursday!

Beans said...

Love you dude.
I vote Boy.
Name Alexander.
Dont ask me why I dreamt it last night. Along with Morgan having puppies.