Thursday, January 8, 2009

The weekend is going to be interesting

This weekend we're going to Russian Christmas at John's Great Uncle's house. We're leaving at some point before dawn on Saturday, driving 4.5 hours (give or take) to Uncle Fred's house, having the worst meal you've ever heard of, waiting for his %$%@#^ sister to show up late because her two kids under the age of 10 have sports games THEY CAN'T MISS, and getting home sometime around 2 am. I AM GOING TO SHOOT SOMEONE THAT DOESN'T WANT TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN PA BECAUSE HE HAS ISSUES. His solution to the drive was "We'll just drink lots of coffee and take turns driving home." I then hit him in the head with a frying pan. I love him, but he deserved it.

I am actually looking forward to the visit, because I've only met Uncle Fred once, maybe. And every year he sends us a very nice live Christmas wreath. He seems like the sweetest old gent ever. Watch him be shooting puppies or something when we get there. Oh, well. The whole point of this visit was not only to meet UF, but also to get to see the people we missed during the holidays proper. We have gifts for the kids, one we forgot for John's Mom, and our own version of the horrible food to bring along. In truth, I actually love John's sister, but the whole Russian Christmas thing isn't a surprise, and waiting on her and the kids is the whole reason we'll be getting home so late. Three hours or so later than we would have. It's a difference in opinion. I think that these are games and are less important than family. She sees them as commitments already made. I'm hoping. Truly, I'm just pissed that I have to be inconvenienced, and by a game. Not even a Big Game. Just a game. Obviously I'm not a sports fanatic. AT ALL.

Once we get home, we'll be able to sleep until 6:45 am, when E wakes up. Then we'll get ready for John's D & D game. Lots of friends coming over, which is good. It goes without saying that we would have postponed it for Family (SNIDE REMARK). That's my weekend. Honestly, I am not looking forward to it, and am going to try my damnedest not to let it show. Not my strong suit, honestly. But I'm going to try. I'll let you know how that goes.

Tonight John has a quiz in Algebra II, A Graphing Approach. Stupidest. Class. Ever. I'm sure X-Ray techs all over the country stop to graph the fucking equations before pushing the radiation button. He's nervous as hell about this class, and I just hate it on principle.

Wow, ray of sunshine today, aren't I? I need a candy bar.

In good news, I've been feeling the baby move at night while I'm not sleeping. Very cool! need sleep, though. Perhaps that's why I'm so cheery today. That and the damn knot in my left shoulder. I think I'm going to go make a grilled cheese, thus ensuring that I am the size of a Sperm Whale before giving birth. May your day be brighter than mine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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HollyLynne said...

Well, I hope you suprise yourself and have fun at Russian Xmas anywyas :) Guess where I'm going this weekend? Ok, I'll tell you: VEGAS. As in "vegas" (*wink*nudge*coming back legally married*) :D Paul's label website is