Thursday, February 12, 2009

20 weeks

Hot damn, I'm officially halfway there!

For the past week my back has been threatening to give out, and it aches. But aside from that, I'm feeling great. I have more energy, food tastes good for the most part, and I'm starting to feel that sense of calm.

Except for the baby name thing, and some of the dreams I'm having. Still a little worked up over those.

I'm still having headaches every few days, but I've finally come to my senses and stopped waiting to see if the migraine will go away on its own. No ma'am. I take my Excedrin now as soon as I notice. Otherwise I'm in for hours of pain and nausea while dealing with a toddler. Not smart. The nose bleeds have also slowed down, after culminating in a double gusher a few days ago that had parents and kids alike asking me if I needed help. Since then I've been able to blow my nose without fear and a dozen tissues in the morning, which has been wonderful.

The baby is kicking up a storm now. Last night while finishing up E's new book bag I felt something so strong I thought dinner was staging a revolution. Nope, baby did a backflip or something. The big clue was the following five minutes of thumps. I guess it was exercise time!

Depending on which website you visit, baby is the size of:
  • A can of Red Bull (What I would give...not until I'm done nursing, though. 1.5 years + 20 weeks give or take...)
  • Small cantaloupe
I remember more food comparisons last time, but perhaps in the past three to four years that has fallen out of vogue. Let's see, I'm not worried about stretch marks because I still look like someone threw spaghetti at my stomach. They never really went away, they just were less red for a while. I'm breaking out like a champ, still. I'm not getting the same sexy dream quota as last time, but I'm also not dreaming about every jerk I ever dated. It works out.

I'm nervous about tomorrow, because I'm desperate to know if baby is a boy or girl. I hope the little one cooperates! The great name debate goes on and on and on. I'm also waiting to find out if we need a new wardrobe for this one, or if we can re-use the small mountain of pink we've held onto just in case. Also, WTF do I do if we're having a boy? THEY ARE INSANE. I know I'll feel differently about a product of my own body, but damn. The two I watch right now are about to have me in fits. What will I do with another?! E would be pleased, though. All her friends have brothers.

John's off taking his midterm for Algebra II, A Graphing Approach. E is at her Grandma's. I'm going to go take a bath and shave my legs. It won't be long before that's a real challenge!


HollyLynne said...

Boys may be insane . . . but girls develop a MEAN streak! Don't you remember yours? I'm sure you had one . . . we all did: the horrid bitch years between, say, 13 and 17. (Please say that wasn't just me!)

We're kinda hoping for boys over here!

I can't wait to hear, either way, what your little gymnast is :)

Domesticrazy said...

Crap! I forgot about that. Well, then, um....